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Admin Trailhead Beginner

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1. Company Information:

At-a-glance view of your org overall.
Find your org ID.

See your licenses in use and how many you have available.

Monitor important limits, including API requests, data usage, and file usage

2. Users

-Reset passwords.
-Manage user licenses, profiles, and permission sets.
-Create new users and deactivate or freeze existing users

3. Profiles, Permission Sets

-Assign permissions for your overall org.
-View standard profiles and permission sets, and create your own custom ones as needed.

4. View Setup Audit Trail

-6 months of history on changes made to your org
-Date, time, and user stamped on who made the change
-Although not all changes are tracked, this is an essential tool for troubleshooting issues and finding root cause

5. Login History

-6 months of history on who logged into your org.
-View date, time, user, IP address, browser, application, and other important data
-Important for both security tracking purposes and adoption

6. Sandboxes

-At-a-glance view of sandbox types, including how many are available and in use
-List of sandboxes, their last copy ("refresh") date, and links to log in, delete, edit, and if available, refresh
-Sandboxes are a vital tool for administrators and developers and a worthwhile investment; if budgets absolutely do not permit, consider development in a free Developer Edition org

7. Scheduled Jobs

-View all future jobs, including Apex jobs, dashboard refreshes, and reporting snapshots
-Monitor a job in progress
-Delete future jobs

8. Apex Jobs

-Monitor the status of all Apex jobs
-Abort a job in progress
-Create a custom list view to see only future methods or Apex batch jobs

9. Schema Builder
-Visual, interactive display of your standard and custom objects
-Create objects and fields on the fly
-Create and modify relationships between objects, all from one screen

10. Storage Usage

-Monitor your overall file and data usage
-View a granular list of storage by object, and top users in your org who are consuming storage limits