Camera Vocabulary


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low angle
Places camera below the character. This exaggerates the importance of the subject, making that character appear larger than life.
Dutch / canted angle
This shot is tilted and is used when something crazy is about to happen
High angle
The camera looks down at a character. This makes the observer feel more powerful than the character.
Bird's eye view
The camera is directly above a character of object.
Extreme close-up
The subject is much larger than the frame.
The subject is as large as or larger than the frame; reveals much detail.
Medium close-up
The subject is closer than a medium shot and further than a close-up
Medium shot
A camera shot showing the characters from the waist up; allows the audience to see body language, but not as much facial expression.
Long shot
A camera shot from a distance, usually showing the characters as small in comparison to their surrounding.
Extreme long shot
A camera shot from a very great distance, usually the characters are very small or cannot be seen.
Wide shot / establishing shot
The first shot of a new scene and establishes location.

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