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Hesi Case Study Seizure Disorder

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A man sitting across from Alanna starts having a seizure. His entire body is rigid, his arms and legs are contracting and relaxing, and he is making guttural sounds. Alanna yells for the nurse, who immediately comes into the waiting room.

1. Prioritize the nursing actions:
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The nurse asks Alanna why she has been referred. Alanna reports that 2 weeks ago her roommate foundher passed out on the floor. Alanna states she could not remember what happened but thought it might be because she had not been eating right. Then, last week Alanna's roommate found her making unusualsounds and noticed that her arms and legs were jerking. At that time she was taken to the emergency de-partment. She has her emergency room records and her past history medical records from her family healthcare provider.

4. To help determine why the seizure activity started, which question should the nurse ask Alanna?