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8 seconds
The amount of time it takes a Chromebook to powerup
Pop up screen
A new text box that pops up on your screen with important information
An identification used by a person with access to a computer, network, or online service. Yours is your email address.
A string of characters that allows access to a computer, interface, or system. Yours is your Student ID number.
Google mail
Lock Button
Locks screen on Chromebooks. Requires a password to reopen
Pop up window with links to your apps, files, etc.
Power Button
Button on side of Chromebook. Can wake Chromebook from sleep or hold button in to shut down Chromebook
Toolbar at bottom of home screen where Launcher and Chrome apps/links are located.
Background on your home screen
Carrying Case
What your Chromebook should be in to go from one place to the next
Microfiber Cloth
What you should clean your Chromebook with.
Fully Charged
Your Chromebook needs to be this before school starts each day.
Items on Toolbars to help you edit, improve, change your presentations.
Usually across the top of the screen where different Tools are located for editing, saving, and improving presentations.
Dash in upper right hand corner of screen that allows you to close the window without exiting the program.
Where your new email is located
Sent Box
Shows you mail that you've sent
Holds an email that you have not finished or have not sent yet.
Where deleted documents go before you remove them permanently.
Web Camera
Built in tool on Chromebooks that allows you to take a picture (a selfie).
The button on gmail that you click to start typing a new email.
Carbon Copy. What you click on an email to send a copy to another person.
Google docs
Similar to Microsoft Word
Google slides
Similar to PowerPoint
Google Drive
Where all of your files are saved online
Lettering style on the computer
Flashing 'blinking thing' on the screen that shows you where to type
Can click this button when on Google docs to show your projects with other people
Buttons at the top of Google docs, gmail, Google slides, etc. that show different Toolbars and Tools for working on projects.
Learning Management System where teachers will begin putting lessons, quizzes, grades, assignments, etc.
Home icon
On your Chromebooks, this symbol takes you to the Canvas login page.
Search Bar
Where you type keywords to search on the Internet
On Canvas, this will show when assignments are due.
The classes you are taking now at school.
A set of lessons and activities a teacher puts together to help you learn a topic.
Discussion Board
A place in Canvas where you can share thoughts, ideas, and questions with your classmates.
Pressing CTRL button and button above the 6 to take a picture of everything on the screen of the Chromebook.
Touch Pad
Located below the keyboard and it where you can move the mouse on the screen and scroll. It replaces the mouse on regular computers.
A tool on many websites and on the Chromebook that allows you to change your preferences and personalize pages. (such as changing the wallpaper on your Chromebook)