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Admin Settings
Where to create users at the Tenant level
Super Users or Workspace Admins
Who can add social accounts to a workspace
Admin settings or Workspace settings
Where to add brand new social accounts
Admin settings or Workspace settings
Where to integrate social accounts already added to the tenant
Admin settings
Where to add a social account to multiple workspaces
User and Workspace
The two types of roles
User Role
Each user will only have one of this type of role
Workspace Role
Each user will have a different role of this type
User Role
Contain permissions for the management of resources within a Social Studio tenant
Workspace Role
Defines the actions a user can take on social accounts and Topic Profiles within a workspace
Admin Only, Super, Full, Basic
The four types of User Roles
Admin Only User
Can only perform administrative tasks. Prevented from publishing, engaging, and analyzing within Social Studio
Super User
Full create/view/edit and disable/delete permissions on all areas of the Social Studio organization
Super User
Highest level of permissions
Full User
The default user role for new users
Basic User
Most limited user role
Full User
Can create most types of resources, and can edit and delete the content they own
Basic User
Can view other users in the organization, but can only change their own personal information
Workspace Roles
Define the actions a user can take on social accounts within a workspace
Workspace Admin, Contributor, Limited
The three types of workspace roles
Admin Only User
User role that does not allow having a workspace role
Workspace Admin
Can take all actions within a workspace
Social Media Organizational Governance
A centralized body that helps provide standards (guardrails) and enablement to the rest of the organization so they can confidently and safely engage on social media