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Woodward 7th Grade: When My Name Was Keoko


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Who is Abuji?
Keoko's father
Who is Omoni?
Keoko's mother
Who is Hyungnim?
Uncle; Abjui's younger brother
What is Opah?
Korean term for older brother; used by Sun-hee
What is Ajima?
Korean work for Auntie; Sun-hee uses it for an elderly neighbor, Mrs. Ahn
What is Yobo?
A term used between a husband or wife, like "dear" or "honey"
Who is Tae-yul?
Keoko's brother who really likes machines
Who is Sun-hee?
The youngest member of the family and the only girl besides Omoni. She is a main character.
Who is Kim Young-chun
Uncle's Korean name
Who is Uncle?
Abuji's baby brother who owns a printing shop and is the brave one in the family
What is Kaneyama?
Japanese last name Keoko's family chose to honor their family.
What does Kaneyama mean?
Kane = GOLD
Yama = Mountain
Who is Kaneyama Nobuo?
Tae-yul. It is his Japanese name
Who is Tomo?
Sun-hee's best friend
What is Kitei Son?
The Japanese name for Korean Olympic runner, Sohn Kee Chung
Who is Sohn Kee Chung?
The Korean name of the Olympic runner
Who is Kaneyama Keoko?
Sun-hee. It is her Japanese name
What is Kanji?
Japanese writing which uses Chinese characters
What is a Chin-il-pa?
A "lover of Japan"
Who is Jung-shin?
One of Sun-hee's friends that moved in in 1941 and taught her some games.
What is Manchuria?
An area of China occupied by Japan where some Koreans were forced to move to and work in factories
Who is Spade-face?
A guard on Tae-yul's street who has a flat face
What is a kamikaze?
A pilot who intentionally flies his plane into an American ship to destroy it
Who is Miss Lim?
A neighbor who works for the resistance and knew about Uncle's disappearance
Who is Mrs. Ahn?
An elderly neighbor who Keoko calls "Auntie"
Who is Buntaro-san?
The Japanese military officer at Sun-hee's high school
What is Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
Two Japanese cities the American's dropped atomic bombs on which convinced the Emperor to surrender. This led to the end of World War II. These are the only cities to ever been attacked with nuclear bombs.
What countries does this book take place in?
Korea and Japan
When does this book take place?
World War II
Name two historical events that are discussed in this book?
How difficult it was for the Koreans in World War II and how the Japanese tired to replace Korean culture with Japanese culture (like making people change their names)
What was so unique about the structure of this novel?
Each chapter alternates between Tae-yul and Sun-hee's points of view.
When does the story begin?
Who lives in the same house as Sun-hee?
Abuji (father), Omoni (mother) , Hyungnim (Uncle), Tae-yul (Opah)
Why did Sun-hee have to ask Tae-yul to explain things to her?
She is the girl of the family and only the boys are told the important things
How did Tae-yul learn about what was going on?
From Abuji and Uncle
When did the Japanese take over Korea?
Chapter 3 is in flashback. What does Sun-hee remember?
She remembers a Korean Olympic runner who the newspapers printed with a Japanese name. This made Uncle mad so he crossed out the Japanese name and replaced it with the Korean one. The Japanese beat him up as a result.
Chapter 4 is in flashback. What does Tae-yul remember about why Uncle was arrested and beaten?
Uncle and a friend crossed out the Japanese name of the Korean Olympic runner in the newspaper and put in his Korean name and the Korean flag.
When Uncle is recovering from his beating, what picture does he draw for Sun-hee and Tae-yul?
The Korean flag so they could memorize it
Why does Unlce tell Sun-hee and Tae-yul to burn his drawing of the Korean flag after they memorize it?
It is illegal
Describe the Korean flag.
The Korean flag has a circle in the middle of a rectangle with a curved line in the middle of the circle. The top half of the circle is red and the bottom is blue with four symbols in each corner.
Describe the Japanese flag.
A red circle in the middle of a white rectangle.
What special award did Sun-hee receive in the fourth grade?
Language skills in Japanese
What did the other children call her after she won the award? Why?
Chin-il-pa because it meant "lover of Japan" and they thought she won the award because she worked with the Japanese
What is millet?
A food for animals like pigs and chickens.
Why did Sun-hee's family have to start eating millet instead of rice?
The Japanese took all the rice to feed themselves in the war.
Summarize the incident regarding the rose of Sharon trees and cherry trees.
Everyone has to burn the Sharon trees (Korean trees) and replace them with Cherry trees (Japanese trees). Sun-hee's family dug one up and brought it into their house.
Why does Tae-yul think his Uncle might be changing into a chin-il-pa?
He is now more friendly with his Japanese customers and doing more business with them. Also, Abuji was mad at Uncle.
What was Pearl Harbor?
The Japanese surprised and attacked the American naval base in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The Americans declared war on the Japanese as a result.
Describe Tae-yul's reaction to seeing and hearing his first airplane.
He heard a buzzing noise when it first took off and then the noise became so loud that when he saw it he ducked and fell off his bike.
Why did Tae-yul start pedaling so fast on his way home after seeing his first plane?
He wanted to feel like an airplane
Why did Omoni tell Sun-hee that they must help Mrs. Ahn, their neighbor, get out of her house and to the neighborhood accounting?
Because she only knows how to count to five in Japanese
List some of the things the Japanese Imperial Army took away from the Koreans.
Clothing, food and bikes.
What precious possession did the Japanese Imperial Army take away from Tae-yul?
His bike
What did Sun-hee think Tomo was giving a secret warning about her uncle?
Sun-hee though Tomo was telling her that Uncle was going to be arrested
What was Tomo really warning Sun-hee about (not that her Uncle was going to be arrested)?
The soldiers would be taking Uncle's metal so they should hide anything of value
Why is Sun-hee sad and upset with herself after confusing Tomo's warning about Uncle?
She told Uncle to leave when there was no danger
Why does Sun-hee think she is stupid after confusing Tomo's warning about Uncle?
Because she misunderstood Tomo's warning and Uncle is in even more danger because the Japanese will think it is suspicious he disappeared
What do the Japanese find in Uncle's printing shop?
Korean newspapers
What happens to Uncle's family after the Japanese find Korean newspapers at his printing shop?
They are being constantly watched
What did Tae-yul carve at the bottom of the new bowls made for him family?
The Korean symbol (flag?)
Why did Tael-yul quit going to school?
To help build a Japanese airstrip for planes
Why were the students told to gather piles of rocks and make bayonets?
They would use the bayonets if the school was attacked and the rocks were sent in bags for the soldiers
An airplane dropped thousands of little papers. What did they say?
They would not bomb Korea
Why did Sun-hee begin to write in a journal?
To keep track of everything happening in its own language (Korea)
How did Sun-hee discover that Jung-shin's family was chin-il-pa?
She never went to Jung-shin's house, she had nice clothes and gave Sun-hee rice cakes
Why did soldiers come to Sun-hee's house in the middle of the night?
To look for treasonous writings
What did the soldiers find when they searched Sun-hee's house in the middle of the night?
Some of Abuji's lessons and Sun-hee's diary
How and what did Tae-yul learn about Kamikaze pilots?
By listening to a story at the accounting. He learned that Kamikaze pilots sunk ships by flying into them
How old was Tae-yul when he signed up to be in the army?
What surprising news does Tae-yul tell Sun-hee?
That Uncle is still alive and working for the resistance
Why did Tae-yul really join the army?
So Uncle would be safe and not be arrested
Who is the only person Tae-yul talked to about his real reason for joining the army?
How did Tae-yul tell Sun-hee she could help him after he joined the army?
By finding the real meaning in the messages he would send to the family
What did the Japanese take to Tae-yul's house after he enlisted?
Small bags of rice and dried fish
Why does Tae-yul volunteer to go go Japan for more training?
The Sargent called Koreans cowards and Tae-yul want to show him how tough he is
What did Sun-hee discover when she reread Tae-yul's letter?
That Tae-yul was going to be a Kamikaze pilot
Why did Sun-hee decide to tell her father the truth about Tae-Yul?
Father needed to know and could help Tae-yul
What did Sun-hee ask her father to do after telling him the truth about Tae-Yul?
Tell the Japanese military that they should not have Koreans flying planes
What concerned Abuji about going to the authorities with information about Tae-yul's admiration for his Uncle?
She was concerned the Japanese would kill Tae-yul but Abuji told them anyways.
What is Tae-yul thinking about the night before he leaves for Japan?
He is going to fly a plane
What does Tae-yul decide the night before he leaves for Japan?
He is going to Japan for Uncle.
Why are the barracks nicer in Japan and the men get new uniforms?
They want the soldiers to live in a nice place before they die
How many airplanes are there for the 200 pilots in training>
Two planes
How many Japanese and Koreans are in Tae-yul's squad?
27 Japanese and 3 Koreans
What surprising news about the war does Tae-yul learn in Japan?
The Japanese are losing
What does Tae-yul do the night before he leaves?
He puts his finger trimmings and a lock of hair for his parents and writes a letter and places them in a little box
Tae-yul is thinking Uncle would be proud of him as a Kamikaze which is not true. What could Tae-yul be possibly planning to do that would make Uncle proud?
Crash into the ocean or into another Kamikaze plane
How did Tae-yul's family know that he had flown his mission?
They got the box with his hair, the letter and a sword
How long did it take for Tae-yul's letter to reach Korea?
Two weeks
What is the color of mourning in Korea?
What is the good news soon after Sun-hee's family receives the box with Tae-yul's letter at the end of chapter 29?
The war is over and Korea is free
What is unusual about the authors of chapters 29 and 30?
Both were from Sun-hee's perspective. Tae-yul wasn't in it
What two Japanese cities were destroyed by a nuclear bomb?
Hiroshima and Nagasaki
What kind of fighting happens in Korea after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
The Koreans started fighting the Japanese
What was in the ration package Sun-hee's family received?
Rice, candy, gum and cigarettes
What important news did Ms. Lim's letter contain?
She worked for the resistance and knows Uncle is unable to come home from Manchuria because there is no way to travel from there now
Why is Sun-hee surprised to learn that Mrs. Ahn hid Uncle before he left town?
Neith she nor the soldiers thought an old lady would hide someone
Tae-yul explained that he never intended to bomb an American ship. What had he planned instead?
Dive into the ocean or into another Kamikaze plane
What prevented Tae-yul from carrying out his plan as a Kamikaze?
The weather
What is Tae-yul uncertain about?
If he should be at home
What caused Tae-yul to run out of his house in anger?
Abuji reads Uncle's newspaper which says, "It take courage to do that?"
What helped Tae-yul begin to respect his father again?
He realized Abuji was writing the newspapers