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Chapter 24


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Nixon's goals as president
1) Reduce federal gov power, reverse some of LBJ's liberal laws
2) Restore America's power
New Federalism
Policy in order to distribute a portion of federal power testate and local gov
Revenue sharing
-State and local governments could spend their money any way they saw fit under certain limitations

-This restricted federal power

-Called the Local Fiscal assistance act
Family assistance plan (FAP)
-Every family of four would receive a basic federal payment of $1600 a year
-Participants had to take job offerings
-Senate rejected it
-his goal was to make people responsible for their own lives and reduce supervisory goal of gov
In what ways did Nixon try to win backing for his New Federalism program for the democratic congress?
Nixon supported congressional measures to increase federal spending and social programs
-Increased social security, medicare, medicaid payments, and made food stamps more accessible
In what ways did Nixon try to win backing for his New Federalism program for the republicans?
-Dismantled some programs
-He impounded (only implemented necessary parts of bills he didn't like) at the end he had impounded 15 billion for health, housing, and educational programs
-However his impounding was declared unconstitutional . only congress could decide how federal funds are spent

-Abolished Office of economic opportunity, the cornerstone of Johnson's anti-poverty program
Law and order
-Nixon was trying to appease both parties in congress since that was the platform he was elected on behalf of
1. He de-escalated America's involvement in Vietnam and made peace treaties with North Vietnam
2. Instilled "law and order policies," that he promised the silent majority
-to do this he wiretapped left wing individuals of democratic party and investigated American dissidents.
-they used the Internal revenue service to audit the tax returns on antiwar and civil rights activists
-CIA investigated dissidents and created an enemy list
-Vice prez Spiro T. Angus lashed out at liberals and anti-war ppl
Southern strategy
-Nixon tried to attract southern democrats for his 1972 presidential election
-he said he would institute federal segregation policies and promised to name a Southerner to the supreme court
Nixon slowing integration
-Nixon tried to order the department to Health Education and welfare to delay desegregation, but the court forced him to abide by the second Brown ruling

-Nixon also tried to stop an extension of the voting rights act which would add one million African american voters, but congress stopped him

-Also tried to stop the integration of schools through bussing
Warren Burger
Nixon apointed Warren Bugrer, a conservatist to the supreme court
-US was facing high unemployment and high inflation
-This was bc of:
1) LBJ's deficit spending
2) Increased competition international trade, flood of new workers (like women and baby boomers)
3) Dependency on oil, now price jacked higher
How did Nixon combat stagflation?
1) attempted to raise taxes and then cut the budget, but Congress denied this

2) tried to reduce the amount of money in circulation by increasing inflation rates, this put the economy in a recession

3) Finally he froze workers wages, this eased inflation for a short time
-Concept by Henry Kissinger: foreign policy should be based solely on consideration of power, not ideals or moral principals

-Abolished policy of containment, so if a country was weak and communist, it wouldn't matter

-Instead, advocated to challenge other powerful countries
-A policy aimed at easing cold war tensions
-EX: When Nixon visited China
Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)
-America received its oil from countries in the middle east that belonged to OPEC

-When US supported Israel in Yom Kippur war, Arab oil companies responded by cutting off all oil sales to the Us

-when they resumed selling oil, the prices had quadripled