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to lose weight

alivar el estrés

to reduce stress

alivar la tensión

to reduce tension

darse prisa

to rush


to hurry

aumentar de peso

to gain weight


to gain weight

disfrutar (de)

to enjoy

estar a dieta

to be on a diet


to smoke

llevar una vida sana

to live a healthy life

sufrir muchas presiones

to be under a lot of pressure

tratar de

to try (to do something)


to warm up


to practice

estar en buena forma

to be in good shape

hacer ejercicio

to exercise

hacer ejercicios aeróbicos

to do aeróbicos

hacer ejercicios de estiramiento

to do stretching exercises

hacer gimnasia

to work out

levantar pesas

to lift weights

mantenerse en forma

to stay in shape


to sweat

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