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CPT coding anesthesia

Chapter 16
Local anesthesia is usually administered by the ____________________.
American Society of Anesthesiologists
Not a type of anesthesia is__________.
blood patch aka, epidural blood patch (EBP)
____________ is administered by a surgeon or other physician.
Conscious sedation
MAC is provided by an ______________.
anesthesiologist or CRNA
Name 5 anesthesia providers.
1. Anesthesiologist
3. Anesthesiologist's assistant
4. Resident
5. Student registered nurse anesthetist
A __________ cannot be billed if the case is performed without the participation of another anesthesia provider.
In what section will you find sedation codes in the CPT manual?
Intraoperative care includes _______________.
Postoperative care includes __________.
pain management
Information regarding inclusive anesthesia service is located ______________.
In the guidelines
What book also lists the base value units of anesthesia?
numerical values for each service
base unit values
What happens when multiple surgeries are done during the same session?
The highest base unit values is assigned
The start time on the anesthesia record must match ____________________.
the time reported on the claim form
The ________ time is the time the anesthesia provider spent with the patient.
Stop time does not occur in the ________.
operating room.
__________ is when the patient can be turned over to to a non-anesthesia provider.
Stop time
Where can you find qualifying circumstances in the CPT manual?
Medicines section and the anesthesia section guidelines
When there is multiple surgical procedures, how is time reported?
the combined total for all procedures.
__________ administer anesthesia to patients under the direction of a licensed physician.
When a anesthesiologist is directing up to four cases at a time
When there is no CPT code to indicate the anesthesia service, use ______________.
the unlisted anesthesia code (01999)
Patient returns to OR same day for the same procedure with same physician, use modifier ______.
What type of code is used for pre-anesthesia examination?
Anesthesia services are based on _________ time the patient is under the anesthesiologists care.
What is the one modifier not used with anesthesia codes?
affecting the body as a whole
What type of circumstance identifies a component of anesthesia service that affects the character of the service?
qualifying circumstance