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Environmental science chapter 23 test

What can loss of diversity effect? (3 things)
balance of an ecosystem, health, stability
More than __% of the species that have lived on Earth are extinct today
What is a trophic level?
feeding level
Periods of mass extinction are followed by...
periods of rapid evolution
HIPPO stands for...
Habitat distruction, Introduction of species, Population growth, Pollution, Over consumption
Overgrazing is when herbavores...
eat to many plants
As human population increases, ________ decreases
If the rain forest got destoyed, ___% of terrestrial biodiversity will be lost.
__% of deciduous forests have been destroyed in the United states
In the United States, __ hectares are being destroyed each year.
The Aral Sea used to be the __th largest lake in the world
In 1960, the Aral Sea's surface area was ____ sq km
What two rivers caused the shrinkage of water in the Aral sea
Syr Dayra and Amu Dayra
What does carcinogen mean?
What is the name of the bachteria that causes Typhoid?
Salmonella typhi
What are the symtoms of Typhoid?
high fever, weakness, loss of appetite, and sometimes a rash.
What is usually inflamed when you get Hepatitis?
What is the abreviation for Tuberculosis?
What is the name of the bachteria that causes Tuberculosis?
What are the symtoms of Tuberculosis
tiredness or weakness, weight loss, fever, night sweats.
What is the "acronym" I use to remember the top ten biggest lakes from biggest to smallest and what are they?
Could super victoria hand my toys back because malory said? Caspian, superior, victoria, heron, michigan, tanganyika, baikal, great bear lake, malawi, great slave lake
There are currently _____ varieties of domestic and wild wheat avalable.
Why is there such little genetic diversity amoung crop species?
Farmers grow huge amounts of only a few species.
Why does low genetic diversity put a crop at risk from diseases?
More likely to be attacked by pests
About __% of all medicines used in the US come from plants
GE stands for
Genetically engineered
Digitalis is used for the treatment of...
heart disease
Wilderness is...
an area where the ecosystem is relatively undisturbed by the activities of humans
A gene bank is a secure place where....
seeds, plants, and genetic material are stored.
The endangered species act was passed by US congress in the year
What does the Endangered species act do?
requires all government to make a list of all species that are in danger of extinction
Clear cutting is....
cutting down a whole ecosystem