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When making a U turn what should you do?
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Why should your light be switched at dusk?1. So that the other cars can see you 2. Even when the street lights are onHow can you overtake properly?Check the speed and position of the following trafficA zebra crossing with traffic lights at the center must be:Treated as one complete crossingWhat do you do when the yellow light is on?1. Slow down and allow people to cross 2. Stop and wait for the red lightWhy should you never encourage pedestrians to cross?There might be another vehicle comingAt a zebra crossing you should always leave it free:When there is trafficWhen can you use the 'Two-second rule' ?To keep a safe distance from the vehicle in frontWhen following a vehicle on a wet, slippery road you should allow a gap of how many seconds?FourWhat do you do if the vehicle behind you is flashing it's headlights?Allow them to over takeWhy should you flash your headlights or use your horn?To alert others of your presenceYou are in a one-way road and want to turn right. You should place yourself:As close as you safely can to the right hand side of the roadWhy should you take up the proper position in good time?To help other road users know what you are doingWhen should you give signals?1. Changing direction, stopping or moving 2. At all timesWhich fluids are dangerous if low?Brake fluid levelWhat is affected if the tires are low?1. Steering 2. Braking 3. Fuel consumptionWhen should you check your tires?When the tires are coldTyre pressure should be checked every:WeekWhen must you use dipped lights during the day?In poor visibilityHow can a driver help the environment?1. Servicing your car 2. Gentle acceleration 3. Reduce speedHow can motor vehicles harm the environment?1. Use up natural resources 2. Damage to the buildings 3. Air pollutionUneven wear on the tires can be caused by fault in the:1. The suspension 2. Wheel alignment 3. Braking systemAt what times should you not use your horn?Between 11pm and 6am in built up areasWhat is the speed limit in some residential roads?35kphRoad humps, chicanes and narrowing are a form of what measure?Traffic calming measuresWhat is the overall stopping distance at 48 kph assuming the road is dry and vehicle has good brakes?23 meters (75 feet)When driving in the fog which of the following measures are correct?1. Use dipped lights 2. Slow down 3. Allow more time for your journeyIn which conditions will the stopping distance increase?In the rainWhat should you do if you are driving in the rain and the steering becomes light?Ease off acceleratorWhat should you do if you are at a junction with limited visibility?Creep forward looking in both directionsWhat are affected when the road becomes soft due to hot weather?1. The steering 2. The brakingWhat should you do if your indicators are not visible due to sunlight?Give a signal with an arm signal as wellHow can the engine of the car serve as a brake?By changing to lower gearWhen approaching a right-hand bend you should keep to the left, why?To improve the view of the roadWhen should you never overtake?1. The view ahead is blocked 2. Approaching a junction 3. Intending to turn left afterwardWhen should you wear your glasses/contact lenses?If you cannot see the number plate from a distance of 20.5 meters (67 feet)What are the effects of alcohol?1. Less control 2. Poor judgement of speed 3. False sense of confidence 4. Reduced coordinationWhat can affect your coordination a part from alcohol?1. Drugs 2. Loud music 3. TirednessBy mistake you are well into a one-way street?Continue to end the one-way streetWhat is the max permissible alcohol level above which a drive must not drive?Breath alcohol level 35mg/100ml or blood level of 80mg/100mlWhat sign means that there might be people walking along the road?Which sign indicates that pedestrians may be walking in the road as there is no pavement?If you see a pedestrian with a white stick, this shows that the person is:BlindWhat should you do if a cyclist is behind you and you wish to turn right?Hold back until the cyclist has passed the junctionIn which direction do you think the cyclists would go if they are on the left-hand lane?Any directionA cyclist is signaling to the right but keeps on the left, why?Cyclist are slower and more vulnerableWhy should you keep a lot of space when overtaking cyclists?The cyclist might swerveWhich three are most vulnerable at a junction?1. Motorcycles 2. Cyclists 3. PedestriansWhen emerging from a side road into traffic which are the most difficult to see?MotorcyclistsWhat does it mean if the car in front of you is flashing amber beacon?1. Slow moving 2. Vehicle has broken downWhere would you find it most difficult to see horses and riders ahead of you in a narrow road?On left hand bandWhat should you do if you see horses near a roundabout?1. Prepare to slow down 2. Leave plenty of roomWhy should you wait before you turn if a large vehicle is approaching?Large vehicles can hind overtaking carsYou keep back while awaiting to overtake a vehicle (BETTER VIEW OF THE ROAD) but another car fills the gap, what should you do?Keep further backYou are traveling behind a bus that suddenly pulls up at a bus stop, what should you do?1. Give way for the bus 2. Watch carefully for pedestriansWhat is the effect of not keeping to the two second rule on a dry and good road surface?When a driver is following another vehicle too closelyYou are in a dial carriage way with surface spray, what should you use?Your dipped headlightsWhy is it dangerous to coast downhill?1. Less control of steering and brakes 2. Car can pick up speedWhich two apply when driving up steep hills?1. The engine will work harder 2. You will slow down soonerIn which three conditions can you overtake to the left?1. When the vehicle in front is to turn right 2. When the traffic on the right hand side is slow 3. In a one-way streetHow is your total stopping distance expected to change when driving a heavy downpour?It doublesWhat should you do when overtaking at night?1. Beware of bends in the road ahead 2. Be careful because you can see less 3. Make sure you do not dazzle other road usersWhat are passing places on a narrow single rack road used for?1. An overtaking vehicle 2. To pull into if an oncoming vehicle wants to proceedWhat should you do when joining a dual carriage way?1. Keep to the left 2. Give way to traffic already presentWhen should you use the hard shoulder of a multi-lane carriage way?In case of an emergencyWhat should you do if you wish to rejoin the main carriage way from a hard shoulder?Gain speed on the hard shoulder then move into the carriage wayWhere should you position yourself before exiting the carriage way?On the left laneWhat is the national speed limit outside built up areas?80kphYou meet at obstruction on your side of the road. You should:Give way to oncoming trafficWhen can you leave the engine switched on when parked?NeverWhich is the nearest you can park your vehicle to a junction?5 meters (16feet)A vehicle is overtaking you at night when should you dip your lights?As soon as the vehicle passes youYou are driving on a two-lane carriageway, for which two of the following would you use the right hand lane?1. Overtaking 2. Turning rightWhere may you overtake on a one-way street?Either left or rightYou are on a road that is only wide enough for one vehicle. There is a car coming towards you. Which two of these would be correct?1. Wait opposite a passing place on your right 2. Pull into a passing place on your leftWho has priority at unmarked crossroads?No oneYou are intending to turn right at a junction. An oncoming driver is also turning right. It will normally be safer to:Keep the other vehicle to the right then turn behind it (offside to offside)The dual carriageway you are turning right onto has a narrow central reservation. You should:Wait until the road is clear in both directionsWhen may you enter a box junction?When the exit road is clearWhat is the speed limit in built up area and else where?50 kph and 80 kphYou must obey signs giving order which are normally in:RedIn a mini-roundabout you should:Give way to the traffic on the rightWhat does a circular traffic sign with a blue background do?Give an instructionWhat does a sign with a brown background show?Tourist instrcutionWhat are triangular signs for?To give warningsWhich four would be indicated by a triangular road sign?1. Children crossing 2. T-junction 3. Road narrows 4. Tunnel aheadWhat do zigzag lines at pedestrians crossings mean?No parkingA vehicle is coming from the right with left signal flashing- what should you do?Wait until the vehicle starts to turn inWhen should you show your motor insurance certificate?1. When taxing your vehicle 2. Police officer asks you for it 3. Buying/selling for the houseWhat is the legal insurance cover you must have to drive on public roads?Third party onlyWhat two pieces of information are found on a vehicle registration document?1. Make of the vehicle 2. Registered ownerWhat is the maximum number of penalty points that will automatically disqualify a driver who holds a probationary driving license?12 points at any time during a 3 year periodApart from complying with any punishment according to law what will a disqualified driver have to do to obtain a driving license?Pay outstanding fines and submit to resit theory and practical testsWhat should be checked immediately after an accident?1. Airway 2. Breathing (1st priority) 3. CirculationIn first aid what does ABC stand for?1. Airway 2. Breathing 3. CirculationWhat should you do when you arrive at a scene of an accident?Warn the trafficHow should you do mouth to mouth?1. Breathe slowly 2. Pinch the nose 3. Tilt the head back 4. Clear the airwayWhat should you do if the casualty is burnt?1. Reassure him 2. Put cold water on himWhat should you do if the casualty has sever bleeding?1. Raise the leg 2. Apply pressureWhat may you be asked to show by the police after an accident?1. Driving license 2. Insurance 3. Vehicle registration document (log book)What is after I'd the vehicle is overloaded?1. Handling 2. SteeringWhat does this sign mean?National speed limit appliesWhat does this sign mean?Waiting restrictionsWhich sign means no motor vehicles?What does this sign mean?Give priority to oncoming vehiclesWhat does this sign mean?I have priority over vehicles coming towards meWhat shape is a STOP sign at a junction?OctagonWhat shape is used for GIVE WAY sign?Inverted triangleWhat sign means that no matter in which direction you go you will end up in the same destination?What sign indicates a T-junction?What sing indicates a pedestrian crossing is ahead?What sing indicates a crossroad?What sign indicates there is a double bend on the road?What sign means the end of a dial carriageway?What sing indicates there is a quayside/river bank ahead?What sign indicated the right0hand lane ahead is closed?You see dashed lines at the entrance of a roundabout - what does it mean?Give way to traffic from the rightThe driver in from of you is rotating his hand - what does it mean?He intends to turn leftWhat do hatched bordered lines by continuous white lines mean?They cannot be crossed unless in a real emergency or told by the policeWhat does a white arrow between dashed lines mean?No overtakingWhat does the sign mean?Bend sharply to the leftWhat should you do if you have to stop when driving on a wet road?Keep both hands on the wheelYou are waiting in a traffic queue at night. To avoid dazzling the drivers behind you should:Apply the handbrake onlyWhat three things must work properly definitely?1. Brakes 2. Indicators 3. LightsWhat can cause heavy/difficult steering?Low tiresThe legal minimum depth of tread for car tires over three quarters of its breadth is1.6 mmThere is vibration on your steering wheel as you drive at certain speeds. You should check that the:1. Wheels are secure 2. Wheels are balancedThe main case of brake pedal fade is:The brakes overheatingWhen may you use hazard lights?You have broken down in trafficYou are testing the suspension of your car. You notice that your vehicle keeps bouncing when you press down on the front wing. What does it mean?Worn shock absorbersWhat three are most likely to increase fuel consumption?1. A fitted empty roof rack 2. Under inflated tyres 3. Carrying unnecessary weightIf you cannot see properly whilst reversing what should you do?1. Ask someone to help you 2. Get out and checkA properly serviced car will give:1. Cleaner exhaust emissions 2. Better fuel economyVehicles fitted with an anti-lock brake system:Can be steered whilst brakingYou have driven your car through a flood. What is the first thing you should do?Check your brakesYou are tuning left on a slippery road. The back if your vehicle slides to the right. You should:Steer carefully to the rightYour vehicles does not have an anti-lock brakes. If you are braking on a wet road and your vehicle begins to skid. What is he first thing you should do?Release the foot brake fullyClutch coasting will;Reduce the drivers' controlYou wish to park facing downhill. Which two of the following should you do?1. Turn the steering wheel towards the kerb 2. Put the handbrake firmlyYou are dazzled at night by lights of the vehicle behind you. You should:Set your mirror to anti-dazzleTo correct a rear-wheel skid you should:Skid into itYou are driving in a very wet weather. Your vehicle begins to slide. This affect is called:AquaplaningWhat are the TWO most important things you should do before you set out During a foggy day?1. Check that your lights are working 2. The windows are cleanFront fog lights are only used when:Visibility is seriously reducedYou are driving on a clear dry night with your rear fog lights switched on. This may:1. Dazzle other drivers 2. Make other drivers think you are brakingYou are reversing your vehicle into a side road. When would the greatest hazard to passing traffic occur?When the front of your vehicle swings outYour car had third party insurance - what does this cover?1. Damage to other vehicles 2. Damage to someone's property 3. Injury to other peopleA VRT certificate is normally valid for:2 years