Holt Literature and Language Arts chapter 1

22 terms by Markim49er

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the series of events that make up a story


background information that establishes the setting and introduces the conflict and characters

The setting of the story is the ________ and ________ of the story

time; place

All stories must have a _________.


A setting that is necessary to the story's _______ means that the story could not take place ________ ______

plot; anywhere else

The conflict in a story is a _______ between _________ opposing views or situations

struggle; two or more

The climax is the most ________ part of the story


The story's resolution is when the _________ problems are solved



lessening; slowing down


moved in a wave


springy; quick to recover


delighted in


tells you who the news story is about


who the article was written by


tells when and where the news event happened


presents the most important info (usually in paragraphs 1-3)


a conclusion reached on the basis of evidence and reasoning

1st part of a plot chart

exposition/basic situation

2nd part of a plot chart

rising action

3rd part of a plot chart


4th part of a plot chart

falling action

last part of a plot chart


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