The Code of Ethics for the Texas Educator


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In the 2007 revision of the Code of Ethics, an added requirement stated that ________ must report certain behaviors, or risk their own certificates.
True or False- The Code of Ethics Governing Educators can be found in the Texas Administrative Code.
The goal-oriented statement of philosophy regarding the role of educators in society and behaviors that support that role is called which of the following?
The Statement of Purpose grew from the goal-oriented acpect of the old Code of Ethics. The Statement of Purpose makes five statements regarding the role of educators and the expected behaviors that support that role.

The correct answer is: Statement of Purpose
The ___________________ was revised in 2002 to provide greater clarity regarding the standards expected of all Texas educators.
The old code was often vague and ambiguous. The revised one delineates those specific behaviors which may subject educators to sanctions.

The correct answer is: Code of Ethics
"....protecting the safety and welfare of Texas school children and school personnel; ensuring educators and applicants are morally fit and worthy to instruct or to supervise the youth of the state and to fairly and efficiently resolve educator disciplinary proceedings at the least expense possible to the parties and the state" is which of the following?
The goal of SBEC in educator disciplinary matters
Who enforces the Code of Ethics for educators for purposes related to certification disciplinary proceedings?
While the local board, superintendent and even the principal have much to do with contract renewal, they do not impose sanctions on a teacher's certificate. That is the job of SBEC.

The correct answer is: SBEC
The "Statement of Purpose" declares that teachers should measure their success in which of the following ways?
Teachers are only successful when their students are successful.

The correct answer is: The progress of each student toward realization of his or her potential as an effective citizen.
The Texas Education Agency has reminded educators that the interpretation of policies (in regards to the Code of Ethics) is up to who?
Local School Boards
If you commit fraud you can be said to have committed a crime of ______________________.
Moral turpitude is a legal concept that refers to "conduct that is considered contrary to community standards of justice, honesty or good morals." Fraud is considered such a crime.

The correct answer is: Moral turpitude
A teacher has a student who she knows is considered a "runner" and will leave the classroom if left unattended. The teacher sits the student by the door and frequently turns her back on the student for prolonged periods of time. This teacher can be said to be acting in which of the following manners?
An educator acts recklessly when he or she is aware of but consciously disregards a substantal and unjustifiable risk that the circumstances exist or the result will occur.

The correct answer is: Recklessly
Students gather in the band hall every morning. One or both of the directors is usually there. On the morning a fight breaks out, however, neither director is present. This can be said to be an example of ________________.
Neglect is defined as "The placing or leaving of a student or minor in a situation where the student or minor would be exposed to a substantial risk of physical or mental harm." In school terms, the teacher risks neglect whenever he or she leaves students unattended.

The correct answer is: Neglect
An educator acts _______________________with respect to the nature of his or her conduct or to a result of his or her conduct when it is his or her conscious objective or desire to engage in the conduct or cause the result.
A person acts intentionally with respect to his or her conduct when it is his or her conscious object to engage in the conduct of that nature or to cause such a result.

The correct answer is: Intentionally
A disciplinary action by the State Board for Educator Certification, including a restriction, reprimand, suspension, surrender, or revocation of a certificate is called ________________
A violation of the Code of Ethics can result in a sanction of your teaching certificate.

The correct answer is: A sanction
Which of the words below meet the following definition? "Exposure of a student or minor to unjustified risk of injury or to injury that jeopardizes the physical health or safety of the student or minor without regard to whether there has been an actual injury to the student or minor."
If you endanger a child you expose him or her to an unjustified, unneccessary risk. No actual injury has to occur.

The correct answer is: Endanger
Surrendering your certificate is the same thing as which of the following?
Having your certificate revoked
The fact that the State Board of Educator Certification has stated that an educator who is "unworthy to instruct or supervise the youth of the state" may warrant a sanction implies that educators are seen as ________________.
Role Models
Crimes that are considered to be directly related to the duties and responsibilities of the profession include all of the following EXCEPT which of the following?
If two or more of these alcohol related crimes are committed within a 12 month period, then it is considered related. An isolated incident is not.

The correct answer is: A crime involving public intoxication, operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or disorderly conduct.
A superintendent must report specific offenses to SBEC or risk having their own certificate reprimanded, suspended or revoked. What is this designed to do?
Keep bad teachers from district hopping after they commit a sanctionable offense
A teacher who pleads a drug conviction down to a misdemeanor could not be sanctioned by the State Board of Educator Certification.
If a teacher uses a school computer to send threatening e-mails they can be sanctioned by the State Board for Educator Certification.
Which one of the following offenses could result in a teacher having their certificate sanctioned by SBEC?
While using the school computer to conduct personal business might get you a growth plan or even fired, it will not get your certificate sanctioned. Having a sexual relationship with a student, regardless of the fact that he or she is of legal age to consent, will.

The correct answer is: Having sexual relations with an 18 year old student
If a person receives an inscribed reprimand that means which of the following has occurred?
A formal, published censure is placed on the face of his teaching certificate.
According to the text, no parts of the Statement of Purpose, however laudable, are ___________.
If a coach asks a teacher to give a student a few points this grading period that can be taken off of the average for the next grading period, he is asking her to do which of the following?
While teachers find many reasons to "give" students a few extra points, doing so at the request of anyone seeking personal gain (such as a coach wanting a star athlete) is falsifying records.

The correct answer is: Falsify records
A company that offers fundraiser items gives a teacher/club sponsor a $25 Starbucks gift card. This teacher has not used the vendor but has been considering it. What should the teacher do?
The gift card must be returned in order to be in compliance with the standards. The teacher may do business with the vendor, however.

The correct answer is: Give back the gift card.
A teacher who uses her school computer to sell items on e-bay is in violation of Standard 1.2, "The educator shall not knowingly misappropriate, divert, or use monies, personnel, property, or equipment committed to his or her charge for personal gain or advantage."
If a teacher allows a student to use his notes on a test that others took without notes, the teacher is in violation of an Enforceable Standard 1.1. "The educator shall not intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly engage in deceptive practices regarding official policies of the school district...."
Determining whether or not a student can use their notes when testing is a teacher decision and is not in violation of any district policy.

The correct answer is 'False'.
Standard 2.1 states "The educator shall not reveal ________________________ concerning colleagues unless disclosure serves lawful professional purposes or is required by law.
Confidential health or personnel information
Should you know of a colleague who has been dismissed it is your ethical responsibility to ___________________.
Maintain silence about the dismissal
Standard 2.6 states "The educator shall not use coercive means or promise of special treatments in order to ______________________."
Influence professional decisions or colleagues
If a team of teachers ignores or acts badly towards a team member who is ______________________ then they are violating the standards of ethical conduct.
In the minority for the team (in age, race, gender, religion, etc)
A teacher who wants her daughter to be a cheerleader and who offers to help the cheerleader sponsor violates Standard 2.6 which states "The educator shall not use coercive means or promise of special treatment in order to influence professional decisions or colleagues."
Standard 2.2 cautions us about harming others by ______________________about a colleague or the school system.
Knowingly making false statements
If you are asked by a community member for news of a colleague who is coping with an illness or family matter you should respond in which of the following manners?
With empathy, but no private or revealing details
Standard 2.4 states that "The educator shall not interfere with a colleague's ________________________."
Exercise of political, professional, or citizenship rights and responsibilities.
Standard 3.8 states that "The educator shall maintain appropriate professional educator-student relationships and boundaries based on a ____________ educator standard.
Prudent means to be careful, cautious, wise. The opposite term is reckless. Use good judgment in relationships with students.

The correct answer is: Reasonably prudent
In recent years __________________have/has derailed many careers.
Do not friend any student or formal student. Ever.

The correct answer is: Social networking sites
Standard 3.4 states that "the educator shall not exclude a student from participation in a program, deny benefits to a student....on the basis of race, color, gender, disability, national origin, religion, family status or sexual orientation." This standard also covers which of the following?
Including students because of a perceived advantage that they would bring (like family wealth)
You are in violation of Standard 3.2 if your actions impact a student adversely or endangers the learning, physical health, mental health or safety of the student and that adverse impact is _______________.
A teacher's actions should protect students from anything that could adversely affect the student. Accidents happen, but was the adverse impact foreseeable. If a teacher locks a student in a closet, there is a foreseeable chance that this aciton could impair the student's learning.

The correct answer is: Forseeable
A good rule to follow is that you should not reveal confidential information concerning students without a court order, subpeona, or _______________.
Confidential information, which includes discipline information, grades and attendance information, should not be disclosed without a written release from the requesting party that has been signed by the parents and/or student.

The correct answer is: Signed release
Standard 3.6 states that "The educator shall not solicit or engage in sexual conduct or a romantic relationship with a _________________."
Student or a minor
Which of the following is an appropriate way to communicate with your students?
Factors to be considered in assessing whether the communication is inappropriate include all of the following EXCEPT which one?
The number of other students included in the communication
A good rule of thumb in communicating with students is to keep it
Standard 1.10 states that "The educator shall be of good moral character and be worthy to instruct or supervise the youth of this state." What constitutes "good moral character?"
It is up to local school boards to interpret policies of the State Board of Education.

The correct answer is: Local school board policy
If you repeat gossip about a colleague you are possibly doing which one of the following.
Violating a Standard that concerns making false statements about a colleague or the school system.
Who does the Code of Ethics apply to?
Educators and candidates for certification
A person acts __________________ when respect to a result of his or her conduct when he or she is aware that the conduct is reasonably certain to cause the result.
Which of the following is a vaguely worded definition that serves as the basis for sanctions?
Unworthy to instruct