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300 GB
If a RAID 5 array is composed of 4 disks with 100 GB of storage each, then what is the total capacity of the RAID 5 array for data storag
A VHD has been created using the Disk Management utility. Before the newly created VHD can be used to store files it must be?
Defragmentation Error Checking
When viewing the properties of a drive, the Tools tab allows access to which of the following? (Select all that apply)
Device Manager
You have just plugged a USB hard drive into an older laptop and the disk has not appeared as available. You are concerned that the hard disk hardware has not been recognized by the computer. What utility would you use to verify??
The maximum number of primary partitions that can exist on a MBR-style basic disk is ______
DiskPart Disk Management console
You have recently added a new USB portable hard disk to your computer. You have received a notice that new hardware has been detected. The disk does not appear as a storage location. Which utility would you use to verify that the hard disk's logical disk information is scanned by Windows 7 (select two)?
A mirrored volume is also known as a RAID _____ implementation
creating a new volume and recovering the files from a backup source
A data volume containing important documents has been deleted. You must recover the accidentally deleted
file data. This can be accomplished by?
delete the existing simple volume and create a new one using the correct size
Your computer currently runs the Windows 7 operating system. You have added a second 20 GB hard disk
drive to your computer to hold research data for a project you are working on. You have created a single simple
volume on the data hard drive that takes up all the free space on the disk. After formatting the simple volume
with the FAT32 file system and copying 10 GB of data to the volume you realize that you need 8 GB of unpartitioned
disk space on the data disk drive. The next step you should take to free space on the data disk drive
is to ______
only limited by the availability of free space in the extended partition
The maximum number of logical drives that can exist within a single extended partition is ______
Before a new hard disk can be managed through the Disk Management console in Windows 7 it first must
be ______
You are attempting to inspect the partition information for an existing hard disk using DiskPart utility.
After issuing the LIST PARTITIONS command you receive an error message stating that no disk is selected for
the action. Assuming the disk is the first hard disk in the computer which command should you issue next?
A basic disk contains 3 logical partitions. How many active primary partitions can the disk contain, assuming free space is available?
create partitions or volumes
You have recently added a new USB hard disk to your computer. The hardware has been detected and you have verified that the disk is visible to Windows 7. You are unable to store data files to the new hard disk. What is the first step you must perform before you can store data on the disk?
backup the disk's data contents
You decide to move a hard disk from your computer to another computer that is also running Windows 7. The disk is currently configured as a dynamic disk. The file data it currently contains must be accessible on the destination computer. Before moving the disk you should
the disk was moved from another computer
Upon opening the Disk Management console you notice a disk whose status is reported as Foreign Disk. This is most likely because ______
The____system_partition contains the
computer hardware specific files required to start Windows
The maximum number of primary partitions that can exist on a dynamic disk is _____
convert the disk holding the primary partition to a dynamic disk
An existing hard disk contains a second primary partition that is currently used to store data files. You are running out of space and would like to expand the data partition. There is only 8 MB of unpartitioned disk space available on the hard disk. You have added a new hard disk and have verified that the new disk is properly recognized by the operating system. You would like to span the data partition across to the new hard disk. To do this you must first ______
Open the properties of drive E:
You suspect that the data partition known as drive E: on your system is unhealthy. To check the health of drive E: what should you do next?
. File throughput performance when reading and writing large files is typically better for striped volumes than simple volumes.
The data files contained inside a VHD file cannot be browsed with Windows Explorer in Windows 7
backing up the existing files, deleting the partition, creating a smaller partition using a smaller size, and restoring the file data from backup
A data partition you have recently formatted using FAT32 is larger than required. You decide to decrease the size of the partition by shrinking it. This can be accomplished by ______
Case Project 4-1: Dealing with running out of space
Your computer has several mission-critical applications installed that are hard-coded to use drive C as the location of their data files. Unfortunately, drive C is running out of space. The single hard disk in the computer is formatted as a basic disk and can not be converted to dynamic. The boot partition of the computer is formatted with NTFS. No un-partitioned space remains on the hard disk. What action could you take to remedy the crisis?
The existing disk might have a lot of space wasted by temporary files or other content that is no longer required. A disk cleanup would be the first place to attempt to make room. This is the quickest and easiest solution and should be tried first.
Another disk can be added to the computer and files and applications that do not require being installed on C: could be moved to the new disk. This is a difficult solution because it requires an audit to see what resources are candidates to move. After the candidates are identified they must be uninstalled, reinstalled, and data files re-established.
Another disk could be added to the computer and linked to a folder on C: using a mount point. This is the most expensive solution but relatively low impact to configure.
Case Project 4-2: Improving disk performance
A friend is complaining that their gaming experience with a Windows 7 Ultimate computer is too slow. Upon examining the system you note that constant disk activity is slowing down the user's applications. The current disk is a basic disk with two primary partitions, one for the operating system and one for game data. What suggestions could be made to boost disk performance
The current game data may be heavily fragmented on the disk from constant useage. The first suggestion should be a defrag of the game partition, optionally the operating system partition should be examined as well for heavy fragmentation.
If performance is still poor, the game data partition could be moved to a different physical disk. This would require the recommendation that additional hardware should be purchased.
Adding a single disk would be enough to move the data and avoid contention between partitions, but it still isn't the fastest way to move data. A striped disk solution would add performance but not reliability - however reliability is not stated as a requirement. The game data could be moved to a striped disk solution - which would be the most expensive solution