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which factor is most clearly associated with premature death caused by heart disease, stroke, some cancers, and diabetes mellitus
poor choice in fitness and nutrition
what is the most common mood disorder resulting in a constant state of sadness
what are signs and symptoms of the stress response
increased heart rate, decreased digestion, increased breathing, increased energy
what is any action or condition that may impair our health care
a risk factor
what is the best definition of the quality of life
overall satisfaction that a person gets from life
what is the LEAST reliable webite for health information
adam tells his teacher the reason he failed the test was that his mom was too demanding to do chores. what defense mechanism is he using
a person who has been fasting for twenty-four hours will most likely function on what level of needs
physical needs
in what phase fo the general adaptation syndrome does the body try to detect a change and start the fight-or-flight response to cope with it
the "fight-or-flight response" is also called the
stress response
what is the major hormone that allows us to cope with stress but may also cause organ damage with chronic stress
what stage of grieving occurs when the potential loss has been accepted, but th eperson makes deals to get more time
melinda feels like she has several voices talking to her. which mood disorder does she suffer
what is the correct order of needs as described by maslow
physical needs, safety needs, social needs, esteem needs, self-actualization
david does not do well in school because he can't read well, but he dreams of a college scholorship because of his excellent basketball abilities. what defense mechanism is david showing
what best describes maslow's hierarchy
the needs must be met in order
when individuals feel threatened with their current situation, what behaviors might they use to protect themselves
defense mechanisms
Ashlee has been up all night to try to accomplish a bunch of tasks. she is now sleeping through her alarm clock. what type of fatique is she experiencing
what is positive stress that allows us to get our work done at school or work
when sam talks to renee about her expensive purchases, she throws a temper tantrum. what defense mechanism is she using
what is not a function of fat
quick source of energy
which nutrients provides the first source of energy for humans
which nutrients helps to build muscle, transports oxygen and carbon dioxide, forms homones, and antibodies
what statement best describes the typical american diet
too much sugar
if a person is experiencing constipation, what carb should they increase in their diet
what statement best describes minerals and their function
elements which help to build cells and repair body tissues
when an oil is changed to a solid, trans fat what is the process called
which carb is known as blood sugar and is needed by all body cells to produce energy
how many calories are provided by a salad dressing containing 23 fat grams
what type of fat stimulates the liver to produce more cholesterol
saturated fat
what form of fat is carried in the blood by lipoproteins
why must all esssential amino acids be present in the body at the same time for growht and repair to take place
proteins cannot be made by the body if they are absent
what mineral is needed for helathy bones and teeth
which vitamin found in citrus fruits and tomatioes is necessary for iron absorption, collagen formation, and increasing the function of the immune system
vitamin c
what is measured by the basal metabolic rate (BMR)
the energy needs of the body at rest
what is not a function of water
production of hormones
a man's weight is considered obese and harmful, if it is greater than
what government agency has provided the public with dietary guidelines to help promote helath and prevent disease
national institues of health
what are the effects of exercise on the bones
it increases calcium deposits int eh bones
what is the recommendation for the amount of physical activity a teenager should get weekly
60 minutes everyday
what is your appetite
desire for food
what body mass index range is normal
what mineral should andrea take to increase the number of red blood cells her body produces as well as her oxygen-carrying capacity
what is not a sign or symptom of anorexia
increased sore throats and tooth decay
what type of body tissue burns the most calories, even when the person is sleeping
which disorder is characterized by a craving to eat non-foods due to a mineral deficiency
which disorder is realted to OCD and causes a person to be overly concerned with a body defect
body dysmorphic disorder
the phrases, "tell me more about it" or "then what happened?" are examples of
active listening
which form of communication is used by someone who acknowledges the feelings on both sides while defending their own ideas and needs
which form of communication tends to lead to escalated conflicts because the person is focusing on his or her own needs in a very forceful manner
which condition is best described when th eovaries shut down their production of eggs and homrones like estrogens and prgesterone approximately 30 years after they started
which organ made during pregnancy provides nutrients to and removes wastes from the fetus as well as producing hormones to help maintain pregnancy
what happens during the second stage of labor
delivery of the infant
after how many weeks is an embryo known as a fetus
implantation is best described as
embedding of the young embryo in the uterine lining
what hormone is produced after ovulation by the corpus luteum of the ovary to continue the development of the inner lining of the uterus
what are the primary reproductive organs
the testes and ovaries
what test detects cancerous changes in cells of the uterus and cervix
pap smear
what is a function of testosterone
increased muscle and bone growth
which of the following is a function of estrogen
increased fat deposits in thighs
which organ forms the corpus luteum
what is not part of the vulva
which organ produces estrogens
which organ transports sperm form the epididymis
int eh monthy femal cycle, what is the part that includes periods or monthly blood flow
where does fertilization of an egg by sperm take place
uterine tube (fallopian tube)
where do sperm fully mature as they receive fructose to provide them energy to be able to use their tails to move
what does not occur during the birth process
implantation of the embryo
in what stage of pregnancy does the fetus begin to kick and move
second trimester
what stage of labor typically lasts from half an hour to two hours and involves the actual delivery of the baby
stage 2
what stage of labor lasts from fifteen minutes to thirty minutes and ends with the delivery of the placenta
stage 3
what stage of labor lasts from four to two twenty-four hours and includes strong uterine contractions that cause the cervix to open and may rupture the amniotic sac
stage 1
in what trimester of pregnancy doe sth emother typically experience morning sickness
first trimester
in what trimester does the baby's skin become smoother as fat is deposited under the skin
third trimester
in what trimester does the embryo develop brainwaves and a beating heart
first trimester
what procedure should be done monthly by males to detect testicular cancer
which conctraceptive uses hormones to prevent pregnancy and requires a prescription for use
oral contraceptives