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is a tool used to organize, store, retrieve, and communicate groups of related information.


is an arrangement of columns and rows. It is the fundamental building block of all databases. They are used to group and organize the information within a database.


is a single piece of data in a database table.


is a grouping or category of similar information contained in a table; a unique identifier for a category of information


is a complete description of all of the fields related to one item in a table.

Data types

used to control how data in a particular field will be searched, sorted, or used in calculations. The default format is text.


used for data that will be sorted in alphabetical order or listed randomly, but will not be used in mathematical calculations.


a data type used for lengthy entries that allows combinations of text and numbers


used for data that may be calculated, sorted, or filtered.


data type used to arrange and sort data chronologically, often used with the input mask field property


data type used to format numbers as decimal values with a dollar sign. The default format for currency is two decimal places.

Auto Number

used to automatically assign a number to each record and to assist in preventing duplication of data.


a data type in toggle format that allows a user to select a yes or no value in a database cell. The default setting is No.

Lookup Wizard

a data type used to define preset values for database entries. This feature increases productivity and accuracy by reducing the amount of data entry required.

Field properties

used to control how data is entered in a field

Field size

used to control the size of the field, measured in characters


used to control the layout of the field, such as one or two decimal places

Input Mask

a template-like field property that regulates how data is entered in a cell. For example, if the phone number input mask is used, the user will be prompted to input data in a specific format, such as (919) 555-5555.


a field property used for column naming that allows a more user-friendly and properly formatted field name than the field name stored in the database design


allow for the retrieval of information that meets specific criteria.

Filter by Selection

filters for information related to an active cell

Advanced Filter Sort

used to define specific search criteria


allow for information to be arranged in a specific order such as alphabetical, chronological, ascending, or descending.

Database Relationship

a link between two or more tables in a database


a type of relationship that occurs when a record in one table is linked to more than one record in another table.


relationships are formed by connecting two or more tables that have a one-to-many relationship. The connection is made by a Junction Table.

Primary Key

used to format each record in a database as a unique entity. Primary keys allow database tables to communicate.

Foreign key

when tables are linked by the primary key, the related field in the second table is known as the foreign key

Junction table

a table used to join primary key fields from multiple tables

Join line

a graphical representation of the link between two or more tables

Referential integrity

protects related data that is stored in multiple tables.

Raw Data Import

A useful and practical method for obtaining information from other sources and creating database tables. Eliminates the need for repetitive data entry and assists in the protection of the data's integrity.

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