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6th Grade Science Laboratory Vocabulary


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Bunsen Burner
Small gas burner used to heat test tubes in the lab.
Allows you to add a small amount of liquid, one drop at a time.
Small, bottle-shaped glass container used in a lab.
Cone-shaped tool that helps you to pour liquids or fine powders into a narrow opening without spilling.
Glass Slides
Thin, clear, rectangular pieces of glass, upon which specimens are mounted before being viewed under a microscope.
Graduated Cylinder
Thin, cylindrical container used to measure and pour exact amounts of a liquid.
Hand Lens
Hand-held instrument used to make an item look larger.
Magnifying Glass
Hand-held instrument with a handle used to make an item look larger.
Enables you to see things too small to be viewed by the naked eye; sometimes has more than one lens.
Periodic Table of the Elements
Useful scientific chart with information about the elements.
Petri Dish
Shallow dish used to culture microorganisms.
A thin strip of wood, metal, etc., with a straight edge and markings in whole and fractional units used to draw a straight edge or to measure length, etc.
Safety Goggles
Protect your eyes while in the lab.
An instrument used for weighing.
A sample of something used in a lab for study or analysis.
A piece of rubber put into the opening of a test tube to prevent spillage; sometimes has a hole through which a hollow glass tube is inserted.
Test Tube
A tube of thin, transparent glass that is closed at one end, used in chemical experiments.
Test Tube Rack
Used to hold test tubes upright.
An instrument used to measure temperature.
Device with two long arms hinged together; used in the lab to hold a test tube or flask to avoid injury.