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G & D - Time & Spatial Concepts

Time & Spacial Concepts
preoperational stage: age
concrete operations: age
formal operations: age
6yo time
counted by hours, enjoys past & present, likes to hear about babyhood, future important related to holidays
6yo space
interested in specific places, relationships b/w home, neighborhood, & expanding community, knows some streets & major points of interest
7yo time
interested in the present, enjoys a watch, sense of time is practical, sequential, knows sequence of months, seasons, years, plans days, understands passage of time
7yo space
wants increased personal space, very interested in the heavens & various objects in space & on earth
8yo time
very aware of punctuality, especially in relation to others, more responsible about time
8yo space
expanding personal space, goes more places alone, knows the neighborhood, likes maps, geography, & trips
9yo time
tells time w/o difficulty, plans day w/ excess activities, driven by time, wants to know how long a task will take to complete, interested in ancient times
9yo space
includes the whole earth, enjoys pen pals from different lands, geography, & history
10yo time
less driven by time than 9yo, interested mostly in the present, able to get to places on own initiative
10yo space
is specific, the place where things are like buildings
11yo time
time is relentlessly passing by or dragging, more adept at handling time, defines time as distance from one event to another
11yo space
perceives space as nothingness that goes on forever, a distance b/w things
12yo time
defines time as duration, a measurement, plans ahead to feel in control, interested in future as well as present
12yo space
is abstract & has difficulty defining it, space is nothing, air, travels alone to more distant areas, understands how specific points relate to each other