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PSY 336 Chapter 13


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According to Fiedler, relationship-oriented leaders are best when a situation is:
moderately favorable
According to House's (1971) path-goal theory, leader behaviors that stress subordinates' personal accomplishments and encourage excellent performance are known as:
achievement-oriented behaviors
House's (1996) concept of ____ is quite similar to initiating structure.
directive behaviors
According to Eagly et al. (2003), female leaders are more likely to engage in ____ behaviors, and male leaders are more likely to engage in _____.
transformational; ineffective transactional
The process through which transformational leaders increase subordinates' seeing problems from a new perspective is known as:
intellectual stimulation
Lisbet encourages her subordinates to fight for a common cause. She also focuses on seeing the best in people and wants everyone to work for the greater good. In this case, the facet of transformational leadership she is demonstrating is:
inspirational motivation
Marta believes that a leader is someone who is charismatic, encouraging, and forceful. In this case, we might call this concept of a leader a:
_________ is a social process through which an individual intentionally exerts influence over others to structure their behaviors and relationships.
According to Fiedler, it is best to have task-oriented leaders when a situation is:
either very favorable or very unfavorable
The glass ceiling is a phenomenon in which:
qualified individuals in an organization cannot move up because of discrimination
An individual's potential influence over the attitudes and behaviors of others is referred to as:
According to implicit leadership theory, one's mental representation of a leader is known as a:
Fernando is the human resources manager responsible for making all decisions about employee raises and promotions in his company. He has:
reward power
Two conflicting outcomes that can result from transformational leadership are:
dependence on the leader and empowered self-direction
Why might I/O researchers be particularly concerned about some of the findings related to implicit leadership theory (ILT)?
this theory indicates that subordinates rating of leaders may not reflect leaders actual behaviors
Which of the following is NOT a common characteristic among the new leadership theories?
they account for the leaders perceived situational control
Transformational leaders express more ________ than do less transformational leaders.
positive emotions
According to leader-member exchange (LMX) theory, which of the following is NOT characteristic of in-group subordinate relationships with their leaders?
task-oriented treatment
According to Fiedler, the clarity of goals and procedures in the jobs of subordinates is called:
task structure
According to research on gender and leadership, which of the following is true?
women emerge more often as leaders in socially oriented situations
Across all cultures, research has found that the type of leadership traits that appear to be important are:
implicit in the culture
According to House's (1971) path-goal theory, leader behaviors that clarify performance goals and evaluation standards are known as:
directive behaviors
An ongoing study on culture and leadership is known as:
the GLOBE project