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Artificial application of water through soil
an object made by human beings; often refers to a primitive tool or other relic from an earlier period
the branch of anthropology that studies prehistoric people and their cultures
The method of which people built houses in neolithic china
hunting and gathering
The way that Yangshao and Longshan cultures got food
a hard rock that the longshan made art out of
A special skill that one has
Dirt that made the Yellow river yellow
the two forces of all the elements, yin was the sky and yang was the earth.
new stone age-the period of time that the Yangshao and Longshan were in.
the religion that Yangshao and Longshan cultures believed in, one person (the shaman) could talk to souls and enter a trance.
the device used to fire clay, both cultures had them
social stratification
the division of classes, the Yangshao was egalitarian (equal) and the Longshan was not.
a person with no house who travels
a society in an advanced state of social development
A site where information about Yangshao was found
a guide of souls to a place of the dead
the dwarf that grew and grew and made the earth and the sky in the creation story
three sovereigns
Fu Xi, Shen Nong, Huang Di.
Fu Xi- The ox tamer, who "knotted cords for hunting and fishing", and domesticate animals and beginnings of family life.
Shen Nong- the divine farmer. He tought people the skills of agriculture. He started agriculture.
Huang Di-Yellow king Legend credits him with creating the Chinese system of writing and invention of bow and arrow.
old stone age- the period before the yangshao and longshan
grave goods
valuables put in people's graves, important people had more/better goods, yangshao had equally distributed grave goods, longshan had unequal goods.
Yellow River
an important river in china near where Yangshao and Longshan were
making animals more well behaved/easier to eat, both cultures did this to animals
donut/disk shaped things made of jade (longshan), we don't really know what they were for
square tower things with a hole down the middle, also in longshan
an artifact made of hard brittle material produced from nonmetallic minerals by firing at high temperatures
the cosmic egg
a giant egg that all the elements were stored in in the creation story
the three sages
early three rulers of china: Yao, Shun, Yu
the land of china: fertility, climate
north china is colder than south china, south china rains more but is more predictable, only 13% of china is ariable
early man learnts to control his environment
400,000 yrs ago was peking man, he could make fires, hunt animals, he could make simple stone tools
early religion and art
shamanism was the main early religion. people made jewelry out of animal teeth and shells. pottery could be made and painted.
how to we know about the prehistoric past?
we know about peking man because his remains were found. we know about the yangshao because of banpo, near xi'an.
neolithic revolution: why revolutionary?
agriculture marked the begining of the neolithic period.
what is civilization?
the stage of human social development and organization that is considered most advanced
the changes from early to late neolithic culture
social stratification was increased, grave goods were less even. certain people were more important than others.
shamanism, in pottery
the shaman was a person who could travel to the spirit world when he was in trances. in pottery there were paintings of a shaman often in a trance, his head popping out showing his journey to the spirit world.
the ways the xia dynasty fell
jie, the last ruler of the xia dynasty, was bad and tyrannical. li led a rebellion and was the ruler of the next dynasty, the shang.
importance of legends to understand a cultures views and values
One example of this is the creation story of china, when it says that humans were made from the fleas on pangu's body, this shows that while humans are a part of the earth, they are not the most important at all.
Yangshao Homes
Rectangular pits (a few feet deep) surrounded by walls of mud, with poles holding up a thatched roof made of millet stalks. There was also a fireplace in the middle and benches on the sides. Called a "Waddle and Daub"
Yangshao Tools/Technology
Kiln for pottery, stone tools, weapons, bone tools, they also made pots with pointed bottoms that floated in the water.
Yangshao Village Structure
There was a moat around the village, the kiln and cemetery were outside the village. The moat was for protection, the kiln was outside of the moat so that the fire from the kiln would not burn village, and the cemetery was outside of the moat because the villagers didn't want to interact with the souls of the dead. But we really don't know. Also underground pits were used to store food. This method was used because it was a good insulator. The shape of the pit was smaller at top and then increasingly bigger. This was so that if an animal fell in the hole they would not be able to get out, so all the food the animal destroyed would be made up for with the kill's meat.
Yangshao Pottery
Painted Pottery using coils of clay because they didn't have the pottery wheel
Yangshao spiritual beliefs/burial practices
Everyone was buried with a few nice pots, but no one more than another, the graves were outside of the village and they didn't use coffins. They also practiced shamanism.
Yangshao social status
Egalitarian society, everyone is equal (power, money, oppurtunity.)
Yangshao Capital
Longshan Location
Yellow River Basin
Yangshao Location
"along the valleys of the Wei and Yellow Rivers."
Longshan Homes
Danny, help me out...
Longshan Tools/Technology
Pottery wheel, well-made tools and weapons, crude-bonze knifes have been found
Longshan Village Structure
wall around the village, dead buried under homes in coffins
Longshan Pottery
Black pottery made from the pottery wheel
Longshan spiritual beliefs/burial practices
The Longshan believed in Shamanism, buried their dead in coffins under their houses
Longshan social status
Stratified society, economic classes, everyone has a different amount of power.