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  1. sarcomere
  2. Which of the following events in muscle contraction is the FIRST to occur chronologically ?
  3. tropomin C
  4. The formation of cross bridges in the contractile process in skeletal muscle is initiated by:
  5. Slow-Fibers
  1. a • Type I fibers
    • Slow-Twitch
    • Slow-Oxidative fibers
    • Always Start first
    • Aerobic
  2. b Basic skeletal muscle unit. Capable of force production and shortening. Arrangement of protein filaments and gives straight appearance.
  3. c can bind calcium
  4. d the innervating alpha-motor neuron has an action potential
  5. e Calcium binding to tropomyosin

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  1. ATPase
  2. This nervous system provides involuntary control over smooth muscle, cardiac muscle, and glands.
  3. Transport O2 to tissues and removal of waste (CO2)
    Transport nutrients to tissues
    Regulation of body temperature
  4. actin filaments slide over myosin.
    Z-lines approach end of myosin filaments
  5. surround entire muscle

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  1. Cardiac Output• 10% muscle mass lost is between 25-50 years of age
    • additional 40% lost between 50-80 years of age
    • Also a loss of fibers and gain in slow fibers
    • Also due to reduced physical activity


  2. The layer of connective tissue that surrounds the outside of the skeletal muscle is called the:Actin and Myosin


  3. Type IIx Fibersare fast glycolytic


  4. Sympathetic Nervous Systema branch of the autonomic nervous system and prepares the body for quick action in emergencies; "fight or flight"


  5. Contractile Propertieso oxidative capacity
    o type of ATPase