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  1. Repolarization
  2. How many muscles does the human body contain?
  3. Axon
  4. sarcomere
  5. Three Parts to the structure of a Neuron:
  1. a 600 (40-50% body weight)
  2. b Cell Body, Dendrites, Axon
  3. c Basic skeletal muscle unit. Capable of force production and shortening. Arrangement of protein filaments and gives straight appearance.
  4. d long nerve fiber that conducts away from the cell body of the neuron
  5. e Channels for K+ open and it leaves cell

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  1. • Quickly stretched muscle
    • Initiate immediate contraction
    • Due to being stretched
  2. surrounds bundle
  3. stabilizes and supports components of skeletal muscle
    Surrounds muscle at each organization level.
  4. Holds Actin
  5. o maximal for production
    o Speed of contraction
    o muscle fiber efficiency

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  1. Dendriteso Muscle produces force but length increases


  2. Cardiac Output• Ability to repeat a specific motor unit recruitment pattern
    • Results in success performance of a skill
    • Requires practice


  3. Endomysiumsurrounds single fiber


  4. Sympathetic Nervous Systema branch of the autonomic nervous system and prepares the body for quick action in emergencies; "fight or flight"


  5. Proprioception & Kinetic sense• How the body sense where it is in space
    • Receptors: Located in the muscles and tendons
    • Info from proprioceptors is sent to the brain