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  1. Contractile Properties
  2. Epimysium
  3. Peripheral NERVOUS SYSTEM
  4. Adaptations due to weight training
  5. As Sarco Shortens
  1. a o maximal for production
    o Speed of contraction
    o muscle fiber efficiency
  2. b actin filaments slide over myosin.
    Z-lines approach end of myosin filaments
  3. c the sensory and motor neurons that connect the central nervous system to the rest of the body
  4. d Increased ability to maintain cardiac output against increased BP during weight training
  5. e surround entire muscle

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  1. channels for Na+ open and enters cell
  2. episysium
  3. Carries information from skin, sensory organs, skeletal muscles, joints, and internal organs to CNS; directs voluntary movements
  4. Calcium binding to tropomyosin
  5. It returns to original length
    Less overlap between actin and myosin

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  1. Learning Effect• Ability to repeat a specific motor unit recruitment pattern
    • Results in success performance of a skill
    • Requires practice


  2. Muscle SpindlesConduct Impulses toward the cell body


  3. Purkinje fibersrapidly spreads impulse to contract throughout ventricles


  4. IsotonicThis nervous system provides involuntary control over smooth muscle, cardiac muscle, and glands.


  5. tropomin Chold Tropomyosin