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  1. Axon
  2. Adaptations due to weight training
  3. Biochemical Proporties
  4. Motor Division
  5. sarcomere
  1. a Basic skeletal muscle unit. Capable of force production and shortening. Arrangement of protein filaments and gives straight appearance.
  2. b Increased ability to maintain cardiac output against increased BP during weight training
  3. c Initiates contraction of muscles and limb movements
  4. d long nerve fiber that conducts away from the cell body of the neuron
  5. e o oxidative capacity
    o type of ATPase

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  1. o Muscle shortens during force production
  2. channels for Na+ open and enters cell
  3. • Located in the tendon
    • 2 functions: monitor and respond to tension in tendon
    • inhibits actin of muscle to prevent injury
  4. • Ability to repeat a specific motor unit recruitment pattern
    • Results in success performance of a skill
    • Requires practice
  5. • Formation of cross bridges between actin and myosin filaments.
    • Reduction in distance between z-lines or sarcomere "power stroke"
    • ATP is required for muscle contraction
    o Myosin ATPase breaks down ATP as fiber

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  1. The formation of cross bridges in the contractile process in skeletal muscle is initiated by:Calcium binding to tropomyosin


  2. Calcium is stored in the:Transport O2 to tissues and removal of waste (CO2)
    Transport nutrients to tissues
    Regulation of body temperature


  3. Isotonico Muscle exerts force without changing length
    o Pulling against immovable actions
    o Postural muscles


  4. Connective Tissuestabilizes and supports components of skeletal muscle
    Surrounds muscle at each organization level.


  5. Cardiac OutputQ = HR (bmp) × SV (mL) (5-Men) (4.5-Women)