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  1. Repolarization
  2. Three Parts to the structure of a Neuron:
  3. Perimysium
  4. tropomin C
  5. Muscle Spindles
  1. a Cell Body, Dendrites, Axon
  2. b • Located within the skeletal muscle
    • 2 functions: monitor stretch and length of muscle
    • initiate a contraction when muscle is stretched
  3. c Channels for K+ open and it leaves cell
  4. d can bind calcium
  5. e surrounds bundle

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  1. • Type I fibers
    • Slow-Twitch
    • Slow-Oxidative fibers
    • Always Start first
    • Aerobic
  2. o Muscle produces force but length increases
  3. a higher percentage of type I fibers
  4. • Fast-Twitch Fibers
    • Fast- Glycolytic
    • Anaerobic
  5. 600 (40-50% body weight)

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  1. Contractile Propertieso maximal for production
    o Speed of contraction
    o muscle fiber efficiency


  2. Isotonico Dynamic constant external resistance


  3. As Sarco relaxesactin filaments slide over myosin.
    Z-lines approach end of myosin filaments


  4. Isometrico Muscle exerts force without changing length
    o Pulling against immovable actions
    o Postural muscles


  5. Which of the following events in muscle contraction is the FIRST to occur chronologically ?the innervating alpha-motor neuron has an action potential