45 terms

radiology questions i should know

operator failure, patient movement,and equipment failure
list 3 main reasons for repeating xrays
Operator failure, and equipment failure
what 2 reasons for repeating xrays can be prevented
single phase
what type of mechine is a spinning top test done on?
rectifier has gone bad
for the spinning top test exactly 6 dots on the film mean?
the timer and rectifier are are working fine
if there are exactly 12 dots on the film?
the timer may need adjustment
if there are fewer than 12 dots on the film?
how many times should the spinning top test be performed?
abnormal MA meter fluctuation means you have lost what in the xray tube?
50 and 60 KVP
what 2 values of kvp do we use for the kvp stability test?
if an artifact is dark it is on what side of the cassette?
MAS, time and distance
what are the controlling factors for density?
controlling factor of contrast?
long scale contrast
high kvp and low MA produces what kind of contrast?
short scale contrast
low kvp and high MA produces
failure to set exposure factors properly,failure to position pt correctly, failure to observe the pt for movement, and failure to process the film correctly
what are common operator errors
abnormal MA meter fluctuation
what happens when the vacume is lost in the tube
produce a very dark film and the MA meter fluctuates abnormally
what are signs the timer has gone bad
rectifier and timer
if film comes out to light and there is normal meter fluctuation what has gone bad?
MAS reciprocity test
test that uses the penetrameter to compare the function of different MA settings and the timer
beam restriction
when the pt is postioned properly and and the tube is aligned w/ the film and a clear streak is down one side of the film call maintenance to align collimator
short scale contrast
many blacks and whites on the film, but very few shades of gray. this would be found on extremity films
long scale contrast
is many shades of gray. this is found on larger thicker body parts (chest)
are devices used to measure the thickness of a body part
back up timer set manually for 1/2 sec
what do you use with a phototimer?
when a xray has an unwanted mark on the film
camels hair brush then screen cleaner, 4x4 gauze to wipe down the screen allow to air dry. record date it was cleaned
what do you use to clean the cassettes?
the amount of black, metallic silver on the film after development it is also the measurement of the quantity of radiation absorbed by the film
quantity of radiation the film absorbs or the density on the film
the MA controls what>
to prove the use of the collimator
what are borders used for
white light
used when maintence is being done on the processor
red amber/safe light
light used when film is being removed and placed in the cassette
film bin
is a leaded light tight cabinet which is divided in compartments for different sizes of film this bin must closed after every use to avoid accidental exposure
converts the latent image into the manifest image(alkaline) 5 mins at 68 degrees
60-75 degrees F and 50-60% humidity
what is the ideal temperature for film storage?
stop bath
mixture of clean water and acetic acid. this stops developer. takes 30 secs
composed of fixing agent, acidifier, hardener,perserve, and h2o MAKES THE IMAGE PERMANET TAKES 10 MINS
used to remove chemicals 20 mins at 68 degrees
drying rack
film is placed on a special hanger. approximately 60 minitues
name, DOB, DOE, name of instution, ss#
what 5 pieces of info do you need on the radiographic ID
90 sec vs. 90 mins= less time more accurate, film is more unifrom and smoother work flow
what are the benifits of automatic processing
how many minutes does it take for developer
how many minutes does it take for fixer
30 seconds
how long does the stop bath take
20 mins
how long does the water wash take
60 mins
how long does the dryer rack take