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a group of people who live in the same place


the place where communities are found


a line that shows where a state or nation ends

intermediate directions

in-between directions that give more exact information about the location of a place

physical features

geographical features-land, water, climate, and plant life


a feature such as a mountain, a valley, a plain, or a hill


a landform with steep sides and a flat top that rises high into the air

mountain range

a large chain of mountains


a lowland that lies between hills and mountains

coastal plain

low land that lies along an ocean or other large body of water


Overall weather in an area over a long period of time


dry and usually sandy areas of land without trees

human-made features

things that people add to a landscape


to exchange one thing for another


the movement of people, goods, and ideas


an area with at least one feature that makes it different from other areas


number of people


an area that is a city


a smaller community near the city


an area that has fields, woods, farms and small towns

grid system

a set of lines that cross each other to form boxes

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