Beginner Music Terms

3rd & 4th Grade Music Basic Musicianship & Music Theory

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Treble clef
Called the G clef because it curves around the G line.
5 lines and 4 spaces on which notes are written
quarter note
Receives 1 beat in 4/4 time
time signature
Symbol appearing at the beginning of the music after the clef sign which has two numbers.
* The upper number tells how many beats are in each measure.
* The lower number indicates what type of note receives the beat
whole note
This note has the longest value of all the notes. In 4/4 time, it lasts for the entire 4 beats of a measure.
half note
This note has half the value of a whole note. It receives two beats in 4/4 time.
Bass Clef
Called the F clef because the 2 dots are either side of the line that is F
How low or high a note sounds