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Dysphonia/Laryngeal Disorders

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9 cartilages + Hyoid Bone
-Thyroid, cricoid and epiglottic cartilages
-Paired arytenoid (vocal cord motion)

Extrinsic Muscles:
-Supra and Infrahyoid constrictors and cricothyroid

-Posterior cricoarytenoid (only one that opens up the vocal cords)
-Lateral cricoarytenoid (Acts to close the glottis)
-these control the arytenoid cartilages

Cricothyroid muscles are responsible for controlling the pitch of the voice

Nerve Supply:
-Motor supply comes from CN X
-RLN supplies the intrinsic muscles
-EXT SLN supplies the cricothyroid muscle (adduction)
-Sensation above is SLN
-Below is RLN

-Comes from vocal fold layers rubbing together to produce sound
-3 layers of lamina propria over vocalis muscle is what supplies it