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The Bill of Rights


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Bill of Rights approved
The Bill of Rights
Contain the first 10 amendments or changes to the Constitution. These protect our rights as Americans.
Amendment 1
Also called the "First Amendment." Because of this Amendment, we have the right to practice any religion we choose. We have the right to say what we would like (in most cases). We have the freedom to print our opinions in newspapers, books, and magazines. Citizens are allowed to sign petitions and present them to the government. Americans are allowed to join together peacefully in groups of any size.
Amendment 2
We have the right to own guns.
Amendment 3
Americans cannot be forced to let soldiers live in their homes.
Amendment 4
Protects our privacy. The police cannot search your body or property without a warrant from a judge.
Amendment 5
We have the right to a fair, legal trial if we are accused of a crime. You don't have to say things in court that show you are guilty of a crime.
Amendment 6
We have the right to a speedy and public trial. You should not have to wait many years for your trial to start.
Amendment 7
You have the right to a jury trial in private cases, like when you are suing someone. The amount of damage must be more than $20.00.
Amendment 8
Cruel and unusual punishment is outlawed in this change, and also if you are charged with a crime, the judge cannot set an unreasonable bail amount.
Amendment 9
Tells us that Americans have rights that are not listed in the Constitution.
Amendment 10
Power that was not given to the U.S. Government by the Constitution belongs to the states or to the people.