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(n.) a person who takes place in a crime - SYNONYMS: partner in crime, confederate


(v.) to destroy completely - SYNONYMS: obliterate, decimate, demolish; ANTONYMS: foster, promote, encourage, nurture


(adj.) unreasonable; based on one's wishes or whims without regard for reason or fairness - SYNONYMS: capricious, high-handed, autocratic; ANTONYMS: reasoned, rational, objective, equitable


(adj.) shameless, impudent; made of brass - SYNONYMS: saucy, bold; ANTONYMS: deferential, respectful, self-effacing


(n.) a substance that causes or hastens a chemical reaction any agent that causes change - SYNONYMS: stimulus, spur, instigator


(n.) a large-scale departure or flight - SYNONYMS: emigration, escape, hegira; ANTONYMS: immigration, influx, arrival, entrance


(v) to make easier, assist - SYNONYMS: ease, smooth the way, simplify; ANTONYMS: hamper, hinder, obstruct, impede


(adj.) not able to to be corrected; beyond control - SYNONYMS: unruly, intractable, incurable, inveterate; ANTONYMS: tractable, docile, curable, reparable


(adj.) hidden, present but not realized - SYNONYMS: dormant, inactive, undeveloped; ANTONYMS: exposed, manifest, evident


(adj.) given to fighting; active and aggressive in support of a cause; (n.) an activist - SYNONYMS: (adj.) truculent; ANTONYMS: (adj.) unassertive, peaceable, passive


(adj.) having gloomy or sullen manner; not friendly or sociable - SYNONYMS: morbid, doleful; ANTONYMS: cheerful, blithe, jaunty, buoyant


(adj.) not letting light through; not clear or lucid; dense, stupid - SYNONYMS: hazy, cloudy, foggy, murky, dull, obtuse; ANTONYMS: transparent, clear, bright, perceptive


(adj.) chief in importance, above all others - SYNONYMS: supreme, foremost, primary, dominant; ANTONYMS: secondary, subordinate, ancillary


(v.) to talk in an aimless, foolish, or simple way; to babble; (n.) baby talk; babble - SYNONYMS: (v.) chatter; (n.) twaddle, gibberish, piffle


(v.) to offer arguments or evidence that contradicts an assertion; to refute - SYNONYMS: disprove, confute, shoot holes in; ANTONYMS: confirm, corroborate, substantiate


(v.) to scold; find fault with; (n.) a rebuke - SYNONYMS: (v.) reprove, reproach; (n.) reproof; ANTONYMS: (v.) praise, pat on the back


(n.) slavery, forced labor - SYNONYMS: captivity, bondage, thralldom; ANTONYMS: freedom, liberty


(adj.) careless and hasty - SYNONYMS: cursory, perfunctory, sloppy, slipshod; ANTONYMS: painstaking, meticulous, thorough, in-depth


(adj.) not running or flowing; foul from standing still; inactive, sluggish, dull - SYNONYMS: still, motionless, inert, fetid; ANTONYMS: flowing, running, fresh, sweet


(v.) to give way to superior force, yield - SYNONYMS: submit, die, expire; ANTONYMS: overcome, master, conquer

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