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associative property
matrix multiplication has this property
column matrix
a matrix with dimensions m x 1
commutative property
matrix multiplication does not have this property
numbers of rows by number of columns of a matrix (m x n)
a number associated with a square matrix
the terms or entries of a matrix
equal matrices
have the same dimensions with all corresponding elements identical
inverse matrix
a matrix that when multiplied by an original matrix yields the identity matrix as the result
a rectangular array of terms
matrix equation
consists of a coefficient matrix, a variable matrix, and a constant matrix; used to solve linear systems
singular matrix
a matrix with a determinant of 0 that has no inverse
square matrix
a matrix with an equal number of columns and rows
vertex-edge graph
collection of points and line segments connecting some (possibly empty) subset of the points
order of a matrix
number of rows/columns of a square matrix
identity matrix
square matrix consisting of all 0s with a main diagonal of 1s
matrix multiplication
a row by column operation where the inner dimensions must be the same
matrix addition
requires matrices of equal dimensions with corresponding elements being combined
row matrix
a matrix of dimensions 1 x n
scalar multiplication
the same number multiplies each entry in a matrix
to interchange the rows and columns of a matrix
zero matrix
the matrix that functions as the additive identity