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the reproductive part of a plant that contains a plant embryo and stored food


vascular plants that produce seeds on the scales of seed cones


vascular plants in which the seed is enclosed inside a fruit or nut


plants with 1 seed leaf inside seeds


plants with 2 seed leaves inside their seeds


flower petals appear in 3's + veins in the leaves run parrallel


flower petals are in 4's + veins in leaves are branching

2 classes of angiosperm

monocots and dicots

important uses of angiosperm

produces oxygen,funiture,clothing,perfume,medicine,rubber,barely,pesticides


the most common plant on earth

the _______,_______,and _______ are the three main parts of the plant

roots,stems, and leaves

3 uses of roots

water and minerals enter through roots, anchor plant into ground, store food

the main function of stems

transports food and water

xylem, phloem, and combium

3 main tissues that make up the stem


tissues that transports water up the plant


tissues that transports food to the leaves to the stem to the roots


tissues that make xylem and phloem cells


seed leaves

herbaceous and woody

2 types of stems


soft and green frost kills it


made up of woody tissue


plant organs that usally trap light and make food for the plant through the process of photosynthesis


small pores in the leaf surfaces

guard cells

opens and closes the pores on the leaves

red woods, spruce, cypress, firs

examples of gymnosperm

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