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what word on the milk carton tells you that the dairy eliminated pathogens when processing the milk?


what process harmful bacteria? describe the process.

heating up food to a temp that kils bacteria

what bacteria changes the outside completely and how does this change help other organisms in the envioroment?

saprophyte, it decomposes and releases nutrience in to the soil for other living things to use

ehat kind of bacteria are helpful to farmers?

nitrogen-fixing bacteria

what are disease causing organisms called?


what kind of drug can kill bacteria?


what are the poisens that pathogens produce called?


what are the thick walled cells of botulism bacteria callled?


explain how botulism occurs?

canned food poisening, the bacteria is enclosed in endospores which releases heat, once inside they can change reproduction system. they are anarobics


arranging things into groups according to ways they are alike and not


the study of how living things are classified

binomial nomenclature

linnaeus naming system, each organism has two names


the first part of an organisms name,it is a classification group that contains similar, closely related organsims


a group of similar organisms that can mate and produce fertile offspring in nature

taxonomic key

a series of paired statements that describe physical characteristics off different organisms

whydo scientists classify?

to organize living things into groups so organisms are easier to study

tell me when and how aristoles classified organisms?

4th century BC, he divided animals into three groups: fly, swim, run, walk, craw classified by behavior, apperence, and movement

when and what did lenaus use to classify? give an example.

1750s based on obsevable features. he used binomial nomenclature. a 2 part scientific name for each organisms. except:felis concolor= mountain lion or puma and felis domestius=house cat

how is the scientific name written?

it is italic or underlined. the genus name is capitalized and the spiece name begins with a small leter

why is the binomial nomenclature used?

it always uses the same name for the same organism. it identifies only on spieces or organism

what do viruses and bacteria have in common?

classified by shape, microscopic, and make vaccines

why are viruses not considered living things?

do not have cells, do not grow, do not use food or energy

how are they like organisms?

they produce

how is a virus measued


whats bacteriophage?

a virus that infects bacteria

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