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1.2 Quiz practice

1) Changes the way we read Gen. 1; 2)Changes the way we read the entire OT; 3) Begins a NEW creation within the OLD.
What are the main things that the Incarnation of Jesus changed for believers?
John 1:14
What verse do we see the Incarnation of Christ clearly described in the Bible?
What nation was in control of Israel during the time of Jesus?
Pharisees and Sadducees
Which 2 Jewish groups were in conflict the most in Israel?
What is the process of God making the world into something new called?
God the Father; God the Son; God the Holy Spirit
What 3 persons make up the Trinity?
when God took on flesh in the form of Jesus Christ
What is the "Incarnation of Christ"?
at creation (Gen. 1:1-3)
Where in Scripture do we see the Trinity of God present?
1) Jesus was present in Gen. 1:1-3 so where else might He be in the OT. 2) The story of the OT was leading up to the Incarnation. 3) The OT makes us hunger for more and Jesus satisfies this hunger.
Tell me the ways that the Incarnation changes the way we read the Old Testament.
We live in a 3D world where one person equals one being.
What is the main reason why we have such a hard time understanding the Trinity?
When the seed is put in the ground it becomes part of the ground (Old). From that seed comes the oak tree which is New life.
How is the Incarnation of Jesus similar to an acorn?
egg, water, 1x1x1=1, sun, 3 leaf clover, a man (being husband, father and a son)
What are some common analogies used to describe the Trinity?
the parts on their own are not fully egg
How does the egg illustration of the Trinity fall short?
each molecule of water can exist as only one of these forms at any given time
How does the water illustration of the Trinity fall short?
it suggests each divine person is 1 person
How does the 1x1x1=1 illustration of the Trinity fall short?