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Scientific Method


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control or controlled variable
The part of the experiment that is kept under normal circumstances. Used to determine if a change has occurred during the experiment.
Parts of an experiment that are all kept the same.
direct observation
observation that is made using one or more of your senses
Information collected during an experiment
indirect observation
observation using your senses, and some type of instrument
Data or analysis that is represented numerically
bar graph
normally used to illustrate comparisons
independent variable (manipulated variable)
The single change that you create during an experiment. The factor that your experiment is about.
Data or analysis that is descriptive, and cannot be expressed as a number
line graph
normally used to illustrate trends
dependent variable (responding variable)
The change that occurs because of the independent variable (manipulated variable)
scientific theory
an explanation supported by a large body of evidence
circle graph (pie chart)
Used to illustrate a "part to whole" relationship
a statement that is a possible solution to a problem, or answer to a question