Exercise For Health & Fitness

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The body's ability to respond or adapt to the demands & stress of physical effort denotes

Physical Fitness

All of the following are health-related components of physical fitness, EXCEPT


The ability of the body to perform prolonged, large-muscle, dynamic exercise at moderate-to-high levels of intensity is

Cardiorespiratory Endurance

Which of the following statements is FALSE regarding cardiorespiratory endurance?

As it improves, resting blood pressure increases.

All of the following are cardiorespiratory endurance activities, EXCEPT

Weight Training

Muscular Strength is the

Amount of force a muscle can produce with a single maximum effort.

Muscular Endurance is the

Ability to sustain a given level of muscular tension over time.

Flexibility is best described as

The ability to move joints through their full range of motion.

Which of the following is a person with excessive body fat likely to experience?

Diabetes, Joint Problems, and Back Pain.

Endurance exercise significantly increases

Daily Calorie Expenditure

Which of the following statements is TRUE regarding exercise & disease prevention?

Regular exercise reduces the risk of stroke, Weight-bearing exercises provide women protection against osteoporosis, and Exercise prevents the development of type 2 diabetes.

All of the following statements are TRUE regarding the effects of exercise on psychological & emotional well-being, EXCEPT

Exercise creates mood swings.

All of the following are TRUE regarding exercise and people with chronic health concerns, EXCEPT

Fitness recommendations for the general population are not appropriate for people with chronic health concerns.

In which of the following situations should John get a medical examination before beginning an exercise program?

If he is inactive and over 40 years of age, if he has diabetes or asthma, & if he has a history of heart disease.

All of the following are dimensions of overload EXCEPT


Which of the following activities will provide the MOST aerobic benefit for a beginning exerciser?


Exercise frequency refers to

The number of times per week you exercise.

Exercise intensity refers to

How hard you work.

Exercise duration refers to

The length of your exercise session.

One of the easiest ways to determine appropriate endurance exercise intensity involves measuring

Heart Rate.

Your target heart rate for endurance exercise is a range based on your

Maximum Heart Rate.

The length of time you should spend on a workout depends on the

Intensity of the workout.

To improve cardiorespiratory endurance during activities such as walking or swimming slowly, your heart rate should be kept in the target zone for at least

45 minutes, 3 times per week.

Which of these statements is FALSE regarding the warm-up session?

Warm-up activities are usually of high intensity.

Cooling down after exercise is important to

Restore circulation to it's normal resting condition.

Which of the following should NOT develop muscle strength?


Phil is 50 years old. What recommendation should he follow in regard to the number of repetitions in his weight training program?


Which of the following statements is FALSE regarding fluid balance during and after exercise?

Thirst is a good indication of how much you need to drink.

The best fluid replacement during a 45-minute exercise session is

Cool Water

The best way to ensure consistency with an exercise program is to

Keep a training journal OR exercise with a friend.

Which of the following statements is FALSE regarding the effects of exercise on metabolism and body composition?

It can result in substantial weight gain due to increase in muscle mass.

Exercise tends to result in all of the following EXCEPT

Decreases insulin sensitivity

Regular physical activity is linked to all of the following EXCEPT

Lower endorphin levels

Exercise is a subset of physical activity that is

Planned, structured, and repetative.

All of the following are TRUE regarding exercise and people with chronic health concerns EXCEPT

Fitness recommendations are for the general population are not appropriate for a people with chronic health concerns.

The American College of Sports Medicine guidelines exercise program includes all of the following EXCEPT

Agility & Balance

To develop a particular fitness component, you must perform exercises that are designed particularly for that component. This is referred to as


Application of muscular force without movement is called

Isometric exercise

Weight training with free weights represents which one of the following types of exercise?


For maximum strength gains, hold an isometric contraction maximally for

6 Seconds

Application of force with movement is called

isotonic exercise

The American College of Sports Medicine recommends a workout frequency of

2-3 days per week to develop strength

All of the following are advantages of exercise machines compared to free weights, EXCEPT

Machines are more effective at training core muscles.

In a weight training program for general fitness, do

8-12 repetitions of each exercise.

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