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Fertile soil, and very windy. Very few trees, and most other plants do not grow very tall. Fires often limit plant growth.
Ground is permanently frozen. Summers remain cool. Very few plants. Lichens are a primary source of food for caribou.
Aquatic Biome
Includes all organisms that live in the water
Conifers (pine trees, etc) are the dominant type of tree. Short growing season for plants, but some of the trees get very large. Summers are cool and winters very cold.
Temperatures range from very hot to very cold. Very little rainfall. Plants have adaptations for collecting and storing water.
Temperate Forest
Four distinct seasons. Soil is very fertile. Many trees lose their leaves in the fall and become dormant throughout the winter.
Aquatic biome where fresh and salt water mix, such as an area where a river empties into an ocean.
Tropical Rain Forest
Temperature is fairly warm all of the time. Rainfall often exceeds 300 cm.
Fresh water biome
Water that has only very minute amounts of salt.
Marine biome
Water that has high concentrations of salt, such as an ocean.
Terrestrial Biome
Includes all organisms that live on land