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Scientific Investigation Terms

Facts, figures, and other evidence gathered as a result of an experiment
Line Graph
A graph that shows change over time.
Factors of an experiment that are intentionally kept the same and never changed from trial to trial. (also called controlled variables).
The part of an experiment that serves as a comparison point.
Bar Graph
A graph comparing the values of a dependent variable for each independent variable.
Independent Variable
The variable that is changed or manipulated on purpose. The variable that scientists are interested in studying.
Dependent Variable
The variable that RESPONDS (reacts) to the changes that were made. The variable scientists measure to gather results.
An educated guess, that can be tested, about the results of an experiment.
A term used to describe each factor that changes or can change in an experiment.
Qualitative Observation
Observations based on what you see, hear, feel, smell, taste.
Quantitative Observation
Observations using numbers or amounts.
Control Group
A group separated from the rest of the experiment where the independent variable being tested cannot influence the results.
Placebo effect
Experimental results caused by expectations alone.
Graduated Cylinder
Tool for precise measurement of liquids.
Tool for moving large amounts of liquids in a lab space.
A piece of data in an experiment or a trial that seems out of place or inconsistent with data collected in other trials.

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