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Blood Flow through the Heart

use these to put blood flow in order.
Superior & Inferior Vena Cava
Step One - Deoxygenated
Right Atrium
Step Two - Deoxygenated
Tricupid Valve
Step Three - Deoxygenated
Right Ventricle
Step Four - Deoxygenated
Pulmonary Semilunar Valve
Step Five - Deoxygenated
Pulmonary Artery
Step Six - Deoxygenated
Step Seven - becomes Oxygenated
Pulmonary Vein
Step Eight - Oxygenated
Left Atrium
Step Nine - Oxygenated
Bicuspid Valve
Step Ten - Oxygenated
Left Ventricle
Step Eleven - Oxygenated
Aortic Semilunar Valve
Step Twelve - Oxygenated
Step Thirteen - Oxygenated
To the Body
Step Fourteen - body consumes oxygens blood becomes deoxygenated