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The Things They Carried

Who wrote The Things They Carried?
Tim O'Brien
Who did Jimmy Cross blame for Ted Lavender's death?
Himself and his love of Martha
What war is going on during the story?
What happened on the rainy river?
O'Brien chose to go fight in Vietnam and not avoid the war by going to Canada.
Define KIA
Killed In Action
Define POW
Prisoner of War
Define SOP
Standard Operating Procedure
Define MIA
Missing In Action
How do you tell a true war story?
By being specific, not using absolutes, and telling a story where it really doesn't matter if it actually happened.
What do artists use lies to do?
Tell the truth.
What is Rat's occupation in the war?
What is Jimmy Cross's title?
What does Kiowa carry with him besides his distrust of the white man?
A bible
Who did Mary Anne Bell leave Fossie for in The Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong?
The greenies or Green Berets
What kind of necklace did Mary Anne have when she returned to camp?
Human tongues
Was Rat Kiley a reliable narrator?
What did Rat care more about than being accurate?
Zeitgeist or making you feel like you were there when the story was happening.
Where did Mary Anne go at the end of the story?
Off into the jungles of Vietnam
What did Rat think was sexist?
That people didn't think women could be Green Berets.
Why is the saying, "War is hell" a bad generality?
Because war is much more complicated than just being a really bad experience.
What did Rat Kiley carry around his neck?
Define Pagoda
a temple or sacred building, usually a pyramidlike tower and typically having upward-curving roofs over the individual stories.
a small pit, usually for one or two soldiers, dug as a shelter in a battle area.
What chapter is this quote from - "I couldn't ever be a real minister, because you have to be super sharp. Upstairs, I mean. It takes brains. You have to explain some hard stuff like why people die, or why God invented pneumonia and all that."
What chapter did the following quote come from - "And in the end, of course, a true war story is never about war. It's about sunlight. It's about the special waythat dawn spreads out on a river when you know you must cross teh river and march into the mountains and do things you are afraid to do. It's about love and memory. It's about sorrow. It's about sisters who never write back and people who never listen."
How to tell a true war story
Where did Kiowa think it was wrong to set up their gear?
Pagoda or Church
Who did O'Brien spend most of the story The Man I killed describing?
The man he killed - to humanize the enemy.
What did Kiowa want Obrien to do after he killed a man?
What is one of the main reasons why O'Brien writes stories about Vietnam?
He killed a man.
Why did they call a tree the "lemon tree?"
Because Curt Lemon stepped on a mine and was blown up into a tree.
Who was a friend and an enemy to Dave Jensen?
Lee Strunk
What does Zeitgeist mean?
the spirit of the time; general trend of thought or feeling characteristic of a particular period of time.
a military encampment made with tents or improvised shelters, usually without shelter or protection from enemy fire.
Why didn't Bowker win a medal of merit?
He couldn't save Kiowa.
How did O'Brien kill a man?
With a grenade
Did O'Brien tell his daughter about his kill?
What was the girl in Style dancing in front of during the story?
A smoking hamlet
Define hamlet
A small village
What did Norman Bowker win his awards for doing?
Common Valor - humping - getting wounded
the relation of cause to effect; causality.
Where did Kiowa die?
By the river Tra Bong in a field of excrement.
How often did it rain in Vietnam?
All the time
What do artists use lies to try and do?
Tell the truth or impart what an experience was really like living through.