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Act 3 and 4 study guide

What is the setting of Act III?
Takes place in the vestry room of the Salem meeting house, which is serving as the general Court
How do Proctor, Francis and Giles plan to use Mary Warren's testimony to prove that "heaven is not speaking through the children."
When Elizabeth is accused of being a witch
What is the significance of the behind the scenes discussion among Hathorne, Danforth, Martha and Giles Corey?
It reveals that women are being falsely accused and executed.
What is the significance of Proctor plowing on Sunday's?
He uses it as a way of getting out of church.
How do Danforth and Hathorne attempt to get proctor to drop the charge that Mary Warren has lied? Why do they want him to do so? Why does Proctor refuse?
Blackmail him with the affair, because he does not want to cause more problems in Salem.
Why are Proctor, Francis and Giles repeatedly accused of attacking the court?
Because there are 39 people in Jail.
Why is Putnam brought into court?
Because Giles accused Putnam's neighbor of witchcraft.
Why is Giles accused of contempt of court?
Because he says they are telling lies about his wife.
What is the significance of the point made by Danforth that "no uncorrupted man may fear this court"? Is this true? How does this point tie the court and the church together?
Its pretty much saying that innocent men should not fear the court because the court wll be fair.
Why does Hale suggest that Proctor should have a lawyer? What does this tell us about Hale's feelings about the justice of the trial? How has his attitude changed?
So that more truth will come out in the trails if he was a lawyer
What is contained in Mary Warren's deposition? Why are the other children who have cried with brought in?
Proctor said She saw no spirits and brought a deposition signed by Mary.
What does Abigail say about Mary's testimony? Why does she lie?
She said she saw her flying trying to attack her and the girls.
What role does Parris play during the testimony? Why does he lie about the dancing in the woods?
Because he wants to be seen as a good person not a bad person and dosnt want people to riot on him.
What point does Hathorne make about Mary fainting? Why cannot she faint on command?
Because the others aren't doing it aswell.
What does Abigail do to befuddle Mary?
Her and the girls act as if it is freezing.
What secret does Proctor reveal?
That he is the anti Christ
Why does Elizabeth deny John's relationship with Abigail?
Because she is scared on what people will think about her.
What evidence is there that Hale no longer believes the testimony and crying out of the girls? What do the girls do to convince the men otherwise? Why? How does their action further befuddle Mary? What does Mary do?
He leaves the court room
What is the significance of the scene between Herrick and the accused witches?
Scene that illustrates comic relief. Shows how awful the conditions are.
Why does Rev. Hale tell the accused witches to confess?
So that they can live and be forgiven. Better for them to lie then to throw their lives away for lies
What does the news of what is happening in Andover have to do with the trials in Salem?
Paris feels that it will happen in Salem.
Why does Parris say Abigail has vanished?
Because she was not seen in 3 days and there was talk of her running away.
Why does Parris suggest the hanging to be postponed? Why won't Danforth allow it?
Fears that if these good people continue to come out innocent and are continuing to be hanged that they will soon rebel against him.
Why does Danforth want Proctor to see Elizabeth? What does he hope it will cause him to do? How does Hale feel about Proctor confessing?
It will cause him to confess. Hale feels he should tell the lie.
What are the conditions in Salem? Why?
SO many people have been jailed that there are orphans wandering the countryside and the crops are dying, because there is no one there to take care of them.
Why doesn't Elizabeth beg John to confess?
So he won't get hanged
Why does Proctor initially say he will confess? Why does he refuse to sign to confession?
He wants to live and refuses to sign because its his name and he cant have another name.
Why does Parris beg to get John's confession? Why does Elizabeth refuse?
Because Paris is desperate. She refuses because she said that John has won his forgiveness.
Why does Miller end the play with Proctor's refusal to sign the confession and Elizabeth's refusal to beg him to do so?
The lasting impressions in the audiences mind is of love devotion and goodness. Although Proctor died he won back his soul and has found new strength and wont justify the trails. Elizabeth will support him and live on.
Who are the "bluebirds wingin' southerly soon as the Devil gets here with the feather and the wings"?
Tituba and Sarah Good
How much time in terms of seasons has elapsed since the beginning of the play?
6 months
Parris states that he feels "it is a province" that Hale has returned to go among the prisoners. Explain his reasoning.
Paris thinks to province in hales return because if hale gets back he could be accomplishing getting people to confess.
What happens to Giles?
He was killed, by being pressed
Explain the significance of the following: "I cannot mount the gibbet like a saint. It is a fraud. I am not that man. My honesty's broke. I am no good man. Nothing's spoiled by giving them this lie that were not rotten long before."
That's a statement from proctor. He says this because he committed adultery and says well I committed adultery why don't I just lie.