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  1. William Penn
  2. Frederick Douglass
  3. John Adams
  4. Abigail Adams
  5. Pocahontas
  1. a Wife of John Adams, fought for women's rights and voice as early as the Revolution
  2. b United States abolitionist who escaped from slavery and became an influential writer and lecturer in the North
  3. c Massachusetts patriot; 2nd President
  4. d The founder of the Quaker colony, Pennsylvania
  5. e daughter of Powhatan, acted as an intermediary between settlers and Indians

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  1. 5th President of the U.S. 1817-1825 acquired Florida from Spain; declared Monroe Doctrine to keep foreign powers out.
  2. Virginian patriot; said "Give me liberty or give me death."
  3. American revolutionary patriot who was president of the Continental Congress
  4. brought over from Britain the idea of a textile factory and one building for all processes
  5. invented the mechanical reaper

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  1. James MadisonPresident during the War of 1812; Father of the US Constitution


  2. John MarshallChief Justice of the Supreme Court establish judicial review


  3. Samuel F.B. MorseMassachusetts patriot; member of Sons of Liberty; leader of Boston Tea Party


  4. John DeereMassachusetts patriot; 2nd President


  5. Samuel AdamsMassachusetts patriot; member of Sons of Liberty; leader of Boston Tea Party