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PSYC 110 Exam 1

A research design characterized by random assignment of participants to conditions and manipulation of an independent variable is called a...
Only observable behavior is appropriate for study
The key feature of behaviorism that distinguishes it from other approaches to psychology is that...
Rachel has not earned a PhD
Ross is a psychologist, where as Rachel is a psychiatrist/ Thus, which of the following is MOST likely to be true?
Wilhelm Wundt
In 1879, in Leipzig, Germany, the first psychological laboratory was overseen by...
Standardized test scores
A psychology teacher wants to determine where computer-aided learning will produce higher standardized test scores than usual lecture format. In this example, the dependent variable is the
a placebo
A subject for an experiment that receives no real treatment would be receiving
The main idea that define this perspective is that people change in predictable ways as the influences of heredity and environment unfold overtime
correlational study
In this type of research, the relationship between variables is studied, but there is no manipulation of an independent variable
Dr. Jones probably agrees with the _ theory of psychology, since he contends that humans are intelligent species due tot he fact that intelligence gives us an advantage in the natural world.
observe whether people have a positive or negative experience after consuming alcohol
A behavioral psychologist studying the causes of alcohol usage would most likely
Peter suffers from damage to his left frontal lobe and loses the ability to speak, although he can still understand speech. Despite the permanence of this damage, he is able to recover some of his speech due to the ability of other parts of the brain to take over lost function. This phenomenon is known by neuroscientists as
b. pain controlling chemicals
c. responsible for the fatal reaction that humans have when hit by a black widow spider
Endorphins are
frontal lobes
Damage to the _ is most likely explanation for a brain injury that has devastating effects on human action and personality.
Endocrine glands secrete this group of chemicals in to the blood stream
distinguish more active tissues from less active ones
A unique feature of the fMRI, as compared to the MRI is the the capacity to
carry messages to other cells
The function of the neuron's axon is to
positron emission tomography
Libby's physician refers her to a medical center in order to have the biochemical activity in her brain analyzed. She is given an injection of radioactive glucose-like substance and this is told to lie down with her head in a scanner. The technique beings used is
Spatial orientation appears to be a function of the brain's _ hemisphere
nervous system
The function of the _ is to carry information to and from all parts of the body
Tim is overweight. His physician has decided to test him to see if there is a problem with the regulation of his metabolism. Which endocrine gland will be the focus of diagnostic testing?
no learning
The linkage between a UCS and the UCR requires
digestion, Pavlov, classical
While studying _, _ discovered _ conditioning
conditioned stimulus
After acquisition of classical conditioning, the _ now has the ability to elicit a response that resembles the UCR
not entirely learned
The fact that taste aversions are _ poses a problem for classical conditional theory
follows and strengthens
The term "reinforcer" refers to any condition that _ a response
variable ratio
A telemarketer is working according to a _ schedule of reinforcement
something has been taken away or given
The different between negative and positive punishment is whether
Positive reinforcers _ the likelihood of ensuing responses.
are capable of insight learning
Wolfgang Kohler suggested that chimps
the amount of time that has passed
Reinforcement on an interval schedule is always based on
episodic; semantic
The two subdivision of declarative memory are _ memory, which stores personal information, and _ memory, which stores the meanings of words and concepts
frontal cortex
Working memory involves activity in circuits located with the _ of the brain
The observation that depressed people tend to favor recall of depressing memories is known as _ memory
Our ability to retain encoded material overtime is known as
levels of processing
The _ theory claims that establishing more connections with long-term memories makes information more meaningful and memorable and is thus easier to recall
The _ method of retrieval is used when you are asked to answer an essay question
proactive interference
Writing the previous year on your check instead of the current year is an example of
are naturally adaptive
The failures of memory identifies by Schatcher
elaborative rehearsal
981-LAMP Bob is hoping that _ will aid his customers in remembering the phone number
trying to study while watching television
Absent-mindedness of a college student would typically involve
above 130
Using most tests of intelligence the cut-off score at which a person is labels as "gifted" is
functional fixedness
_ refers to a situation where person cannot consider uses for a familiar object
perform at their expected level
A self-fulfilling prophecy occurs when people
breaking the problem into its component parts
Which problem-solving strategy did the Wright Brothers use to solve the challenge of powered human flight?
cognitive map
When you give someone verbal directions on how to find a classroom in a building, you are using a
functional fixedness
Rob never thought of using his rolling pin to flatten the chicken because of
IQ scores cannot be calculated from the information that is provided
On an IQ test, a child scores a mental age of 7 years. What is the IQ score?
identifying the problem
Brad is home when all of his light suddenly go out. His thought that " this is what happens when fuse is blown" would be said to be
Creativity is a process that produces _ responses that contribute to the solutions of problems
within group differences; between group differences
Heritability refers to_ not _