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Intro to English Linguistics - Pronouns

First Person
Person speaking
Second Person
Person spoken to
Third Person
Person spoken about
it, its
Nominative Case
acts as the subject of the sentence or as the predicate nominative
Possessive Case
Substantive - Can act either as a subject or object
Adjectival - modifies a noun to indicate possession
Objective Case
Acts as the indirect or direct object or the object of a preposition
Interrogative Pronouns
Initiate a question > who whom (obj.), what, which (obj.)
indefinate Pronouns
Singular: anyone, anybody, anything, everybody, everyone, everything, somebody, someone, something, another, each, either, neither, nobody, nothing, none, one

Plural: All, any, both, enough, few, more, none, plenty, several, some

Portion Indicators: Singular; used with things that cannot be counted individually. All any, enough, less, little, more, much, none, plenty, some

Demonstrative Pronouns: This, that, these those