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Do you know what the amendments are?
Amendment 1
Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of the Press, Freedom of Assembly, Freedom to Petition the Government.
Amendment 2
Right to Bear Arms
Amendment 3
Not Allowed to Lodge Troops in Private Homes
Amendment 4
No Illegal Search & Seizure
Search Warrants Required
Amendment 5
Rights of the Accused
Due Process of Law
Amendment 6
Right to a Speedy Trial by Jury
Amendment 7
Jury Trial in civil Cases
Amendment 8
No Excessive Bail or Cruel and Unusual Punishments
Amendment 9
All Rights Not Stated are Implied
Amendment 10
Powers Not given to the Government are Kept by the People
Amendment 11
How Suits against the state are handled.
Amendment 12
Election of President and Vice President
Amendment 13
Abolition of Slavery
Amendment 14
Rights to the Citizens
Amendment 15
African Americans can Vote
Amendment 16
Income Tax
Amendment 17
People Elect the Senators
Amendment 18
Amendment 19
Women's Suffrage
Amendment 20
Presidents Change on Jan. 20th
Amendment 21
Repeal of Prohibition
Amendment 22
President can only be Elected Twice
Amendment 23
Presidential Electors for District of Columbia
Amendment 24
Abolition of Poll Tax in National Elections
Amendment 25
Presidential Succesion and Disability
Amendment 26
Voting Age Moved to 18
Amendment 27
Forbids Congress Giving Itself a Pay Raise Mid-Term