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PPME (Enlisted) - Block 5 - How the Navy Plans Its Operations: China ethnicity/Nationality and Development


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In some areas of Tibet and Inner Mongolia national development policies have resulted in transforming the local cultural environment
Approximately 85 percent of ethnic ______________ do not speak Chinese.
Approximately 70 percent of China's ethnic minorities, more than ______________ people, are claimed to enjoy regional autonomy.
75 Million
What national integration factors have weakened autonomy in some of the minority areas?
Han Chinese contains approximately 60 percent of the population of ______________.
Inner Mongolia
Which of the following nationalities played an important facilitating the Communist consolidation of power and in defeating both the Japanese during World War II and the Chinese Nationalist forces in northern China?
In October 1958, this group was established and officially recognized of the Chinese-speaking Muslim Hui as an "authentic" nationality minority.
Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region
Since 1984, when the ______________ was passed, a series of laws and administrative decrees have expanded rights to include a comprehensive array of economic, cultural, social, educational, and linguistic rights and freedoms.
Regional Ethnic Autonomy Law (REAL)
Minority groups less impoverished, less literate, and less educated than when the People's Republic of China was founded.
In Xinjiang, Tibet, and Inner Mongolia, specifically, some minority groups have claimed that current policies for integrating minority regions into the national economy disproportionately favor ______________.
Han Chinese
Members of officially recognized ethnic minorities are granted exemptions from the national One-Child Family Policy.
The Chinese Communist Party launched a program in the early 1950's for the sole purpose of ______________.
identifying "authentic" nationality groups for official recognition and a measure of autonomy within China
Since 2000, however, the national ______________ has taken control of the development of natural resources and the disposition of land to further national-level goals.
western development strategy
What is the largest official minority in China with a population of 16 million people?
During the nationality classification project, Stalin's criteria for the identification of authentic minority nationalities resulted in ______________ separate nationalities.