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Name all the Bahamian artists.

T-Connection, Tyrone Patrick Fitzgerald, Joseph Spence, Tony Seymour, Frankie Zchivargo Young, Leeroy Cleveland McKenzie, Eddie Minnis, Eric Gibson, John Arthur, Anthony Mackey, Leon Taylor, The Beginning of the End, Maureen Duvalier, Franklyn Ellis

Name one song by the T-Connection.

On Fire, Best of my life

Name two albums by the T-Connection

Magic, On Fire, T-Connection, Totally Connected

How did the T-Connection get started?

song called funky disco

Name the members of T-Connection

Theophilus Coakley, Kirkwood Coakley, Berkley Van Byrd, Tony Flowers

Where was Tyrone Patrick Fitzgerald born?

March 17 1941, in Nassau Centerville, The Valley

Who wrote Funky Nassau?

Tyrone Patrick Fitzgerald and KC and the Sunshine Band

Name 3 songs by Tyrone Patrick Fitzgerald.

Kalik, Rat Back, Get involved

What was Tyrone Patrick Fitzgerald's nickname?

Dr. Off

Which artist was born in the part of Andros called "The Mudd" ?

Joseph Spence

Which type of sound did Joseph Spence use?

Gutteral sounds

Joseph Spence was known better ___________, and for ________, _______,

He was better known outside the country, he was known for his humming and vocalizations

What styles did Joseph use?

he used choral style and fingerstyle phenomenon, D chord was his favorite chord

What was Tony Seymour's nickname?

The Golden Boy

Why was the golden boy given his nickname?

He was the first Bahamian artist to go gold

Which song drove golden boy, gold?

Pretty blue eyes recorded by Frank Sinatra

Name 3 songs by Tony Seymour.

Mama lee lee lee, Banana boat, Nosey mother in law, pretty blue eyes

What is the name of the band tony seymour was a member of?

The Night Beaters

What did Tony Seymour do before music?

He was a limbo dancer called Pancakes

What are some clubs Tony Seymour performed at?

The Big Bamboo, The Dirty Dick Club

What is Tony Seymour's Real name?

Anthony Rolle

Where did Frankie Zchivargo Young start singing?

At transfiguration Baptist Church, He then worked on a ship which gave him the opportunity to go traveling

Name 3 songs by Frankie Zchivargo.

Gypsy of Love, Pumpkin, Rollsroyce, Stinkin Goat Skin

What is Leeroy Cleveland McKenzie's nickname?

Smokey 007

When did Smokey 007 die ?


Name 3 songs performed by Smokey 007.

Bahamas you born there, Danny boy, nobody's child

Who are some of the famous people Smokey performed with?

James Brown, Michael Jackson

What other jobs did Eddie Minnis have?

Cartoon artist, Painter

Which artist have Eddie Minnis worked with?

Ronnie Butler, Tony McKay

Name 3 albums by Eddie Minnis

Da Real Ting, People to people, Straighten up and fly right, Church out crab crawling

Where was Leon Taylor born?

Simms Long Island

Name 3 songs by Leon Taylor.

Eternal Love, She wan Man, You got no jurisdiction over me

Name one album by Leon Taylor

I am the master key

Name two clubs Leon Taylor performed at

Spiritual 5, Night and Gayles

Taylor currently sings_______ in Nassau


Where was King Eric born?


King Eric's surname was synonymous

with his musical family

Some of King Eric's songs include.

Fox Hill Gal, Big Bamboo, Abaco People, Thank Goodness its Friday

Which club did King Eric work at?

BAMA club

People King Eric worked with include.

Leeroy "Duke" Hanna, Cad "Flash" Rodgers, Lord Cody, Charlie Smith

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