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Daedalus and Icarus Test

What means bright?
What means to open outward?
What means rich and comfortable?
What means a sudden wonder?
What means to have pushed slightly?
What means to have fallen?
What means to have bragged loudly?
What tells how something in nature came to be the way it is, or explains why people act certain ways. They often teach a lesson about bad behavior?
In the story how did Daedalus and Icarus lived the life of what?
Where did Daedalus and Icarus live in great comfort?
King Minos's palace
Where were Daedalus and Icarus's rooms located?
tallest palace tower
What type of food did Daedalus and Icarus eat, and what type of clothes did they wear?
delectable (delicious) food and wore expensive clothes.
What happened at night to Daedalus and Icarus's apartment?
the door to their fine (nice) apartment was locked, and a guard stood outside.
Was it a comfortable prison to live in?
How did Daedalus and Icarus feel in the beginning of the story?
What country do Daedalus and Icarus live in?
What did Daedalus do everyday? and Why?
Dadelus put a seed out on the windowsill, for the birds. He did this because he liked to study their brilliant colors, the clever overlapping of their feather, and the way they soared on the sea wind.
What couldn't Icarus understand about his father Dadelus?
He couldn't understand his father's unhappiness.
Why isn't Icarus unhappy like his father?
He said that the king gives him gold and a tower to live in.
When Dadelus asked Icarus about the only way to leave the tower Icarus joked by saying what?
What did Dadelus do everyday after Icarus joked that the only way to leave the tower was to fly?
he gave the birds a seed in exchange for one feather.
What did Dadelus do every night as he collected the feathers?
He worked by candlelight on his greatest invention of all.
How long did it take Dadelus to finish his great invention?
a whole year
What was Dadelus's invention?
He made wings out of feathers
How did Dadelus and Icarus get the wings to stick to their shoulders?
They used melted candle wax.
What did Dadelus tell Icarus not to do while flying?
He told him not to fly high up in the sky and not to fly close to the sun.
Icarus was scared to jump out of the tower window, but what did his father tell him?
His father told him to have courage.
How did Icarus figure out he could turn to the left and to the right while flying?
He figured out that by dipping first one wing then the other.
Icarus crowed (bragged) while he was flying that he was the first boy to fly that he forgot what?
He was bragging so much that he forgot the only thing that his father asked him not to do, and that was to not fly near the sun because the wax would melt.
Why did Icarus stop flying?
His wax melted off his shoulders because he flew too close to the sun after his father told him not to.
What is the moral of the story?
The moral of the story is that when someone tells you to not to do something its for a reason because you might get hurt or you do something wrong. For example in the story Dadelus told his son Icarus not to fly near the sun and his son did not listen and because of that the wax melted off his shoulders and he could no longer fly.
Why do Daedalus and Icarus risk their lives to leave the comfort of the palace?
They wanted freedom.
Icarus ignores his father's advice and flies too close to the sun. What is the consequence of this risk.
Icarus ignores his father's advice and because that the consequence of the risk was that the wax melted off his shoulders and he could not longer fly.