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  1. Only staph aureus will ferment on a mannitol plate because
  2. stimulate a large number of T-cells all at the same time;non-specific
  3. Hemolysins are actually
  4. MRSA
  5. can crawl down hair follicle and cause inflammation in absays in a hair follicle
  1. a Staph
  2. b Methacilin Resistant Staph aureus (also resistant to many antibiotics)
  3. c a low pH
  4. d Cytotoxins
  5. e Superantigens(Toxic Shock Syndrome #1)

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  1. boils,can cause folliculitis, impetigo
  2. nose, armpit, inguinal
  3. has beta lactamse enzyme(penicilin aces)
  4. acid production on mannitol plate for staph aureus
  5. Cytotoxins lyse

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  1. treatment for MRSAvancomycin(classical treatment),rifampin (used alot)


  2. Skin has low pH and highosmotic pressure


  3. PyodermaMethacilin Resistant Staph aureus (also resistant to many antibiotics)


  4. Staph meansyellowish;positive for DNase, Catalyase,HEMOLYSIS,Salt,COAGULASE


  5. exfoliative toxincauses food poisoning;specific toxin, irratates Vegas Nerve (cranial nerve #10 )


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