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  1. New borns dont have normal flora of Staph epidermidis so what can sometime take over?
  2. Staph aureus: morphology? Gram stain?
  3. Cytotoxin
  4. Immune avoidance
  5. characterized by certain virulence factors
  1. a Staph aureus
  2. b gram positive, cocci,clusters
  3. c destorys sometime of cell;
  4. d Staph produces protien A (FC receptor cant do its job)
  5. e diseases are

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  1. clusters
  2. Staph aureus( very common organism)
  3. Cytotoxins lyse
  4. MRSA
  5. erythromycin, hexachlorophene

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  1. Only staph aureus will ferment on a mannitol plate becauseCytoxins, Enterotoxins, REsistance factors, immune avoidance


  2. Virulence factorsomething the organism produces that hurts the host in some way


  3. What percentage of MRSA are community aquired ?15%


  4. MRSAMethacilin Resistant Staph aureus (also resistant to many antibiotics)


  5. Food poisoningdestorys sometime of cell;