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  1. Food poisoning
  2. casues vomitting; you get it really fast;most common type of food poisoning
  3. What percentage of MRSA are community aquired ?
  4. staph infections tend to form
  5. stimulate a large number of T-cells all at the same time;non-specific
  1. a Enterotoxin ( Entero means in the colin)
  2. b can be caused by staph
  3. c Superantigens(Toxic Shock Syndrome #1)
  4. d 15%
  5. e boils,can cause folliculitis, impetigo

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  1. Staph produces protien A (FC receptor cant do its job)
  2. can be caused by staph;a specific toxin that causes BP to drop and patients togo into shock
  3. Staph
  4. Staph aureus( very common organism)
  5. Staph

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  1. characterized by certain virulence factorssomething the organism produces that hurts the host in some way


  2. MRSAToxic Shock Syndrome #1 (superantigen)


  3. If you have a staph infection is Penicilin a good drug of choice?boils,can cause folliculitis, impetigo


  4. Scalded skin syndromecan be caused by staphcaused by the release of a toxin that causes babys skin to peal off as if they were burned


  5. TSSTMethacilin Resistant Staph aureus (also resistant to many antibiotics)