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  1. New borns dont have normal flora of Staph epidermidis so what can sometime take over?
  2. can crawl down hair follicle and cause inflammation in absays in a hair follicle
  3. Diseases caused by staph includ
  4. Staph means
  5. Skin has low pH and high
  1. a Staph aureus
  2. b Staph
  3. c Pyoderma,Scalded skin syndrome,Food poisoning,Toxic Shock syndrome
  4. d osmotic pressure
  5. e clusters

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  1. Enterotoxin ( Entero means in the colin)
  2. Staph aureus( very common organism)
  3. gram positive, cocci,clusters
  4. has beta lactamse enzyme(penicilin aces)
  5. mouth, then it spreads from there

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  1. how do you treat staph a infection?erythromycin, hexachlorophene


  2. Food poisoningcan be caused by staph


  3. What percentage of MRSA are community aquired ?15%


  4. MRSAToxic Shock Syndrome #1 (superantigen)


  5. Staph aureus is considered normal innose, armpit, inguinal