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  1. #1 cause of pus producing skin infection
  2. one of the few organisms that can infect unbroken skin
  3. Enterotoxin
  4. what time did i leave off?
  5. yellow color means
  1. a acid production on mannitol plate for staph aureus
  2. b Staph aureus( very common organism)
  3. c causes food poisoning;specific toxin, irratates Vegas Nerve (cranial nerve #10 )
  4. d 28.51
  5. e Staph

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  1. Cytoxins, Enterotoxins, REsistance factors, immune avoidance
  2. can be caused by staphcaused by the release of a toxin that causes babys skin to peal off as if they were burned
  3. Toxic Shock Syndrome #1 (superantigen)
  4. grape-like clusters
  5. MRSA

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  1. Skin has low pH and highosmotic pressure


  2. Staph aureus: morphology? Gram stain?gram positive, cocci,clusters


  3. Staph aureus is considered normal inboils,can cause folliculitis, impetigo


  4. What percentage of MRSA are nosocomial related?85%


  5. Food poisoningcan be caused by staph