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School/Academic Life

What subjects did you like in school? What extra-curricular activities did you do? What did you like about your school? What did you dislike about your school? What was the campus like?

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Her son goes to _________. = a school for children between two and five years of age
She is learning to read in ____________. = a school or class for children aged five
elementary school
Her _________ is near their house. = a school in the US where basic subjects are taught for the first six years of a child's education (2 words)
middle school
His ___________ is from 6th to 8th grade. = a school in the US for children between the ages of 11 and 13 (2 words)
high school
She met her best friend in __________. = a school in the US and Canada for children of 14 or 15 to 18 years old (2 words)
community college
DVC is a ____________. = a college in the US that students can go to for two years in order to learn a skill or prepare for university (2 words)
He wants to go to __________ in the U.S. = an educational institution at the highest level, where you study for a degree
= a first year student in high school or college
= a second year student in high school or college
= a third year student in high school or college
= a fourth year student in high school or college
= a subject in school in which children learn drawing, painting, etc.
= a subject in school in which children learn singing and to play instruments
social studies
= a subject in school in which children learn about people in society
= a subject in school in which children learn about the world
= a subject in school in which children learn about living things
= a subject in school in which children learn about different elements and how they combine
= a subject in school in which children learn about light, heat, how things move, etc.
= a subject in school in which children learn about what happened in the past
= a subject in school in which children learn about numbers
= a subject in school in which children learn about a kind of math that uses letters and other signs to represent numbers and values
= a subject in school in which children learn about a kind of math with angles and shapes
= a subject in school in which children learn about a kind of math that deals with changing quantities, such as the speed of a falling stone or the slope of a curved line
= a subject in school in which children learn about stories, novels, poems, etc.
= a subject in school in which children learn about sports and exercise (short for physical education)
He got a ________ to go to college. = money that a student gets to help pay for school
The __________ at Stanford University is much higher than UC Berkeley. = money you pay to go to a school
UC Berkeley is a ________ university. = a school that is open to anyone and is run by the government
Stanford is a ________ university. = a school that is run by an organization i.e. not the government
She wants to __________ the soccer team. = become a member of a group
He is taking art as an _____________ class. = a class that students can choose to take
History and math are __________ classes. = classes that all students must take.
After kindergarten, students go into the first __________. = level in elementary school
He got his ____________ on the first day of school = a list of classes, times, and teachers students have each day
sign up
She wants to ___________ for the trip to Lake Tahoe. = put your name on a list for an activity
report card
He got his ___________ yesterday. = a paper that has your classes and the grades you got.
The __________ of the school spoke to all of the students. = the leader of the school.
She talked to her guidance __________ about which colleges to apply to. = a person at a school that gives advice about studying and colleges.
He wants to __________ from DVC to UC Berkeley. = change schools
They have to __________ a test every Monday. = write their answers on a test
He got good __________ in high school. = marks about how well a students does in a subject. (Ex. A, B, C, D, F)
He was __________ for three days because he got in a fight. = a punishment in which the student is not allowed to come to school.
She always gets in ________ at school. = the teacher gets angry because the student does something wrong
The teacher ________ the student by making him stand in the corner. = doing something that people don't like because they did something wrong.
Their _________ is to write an essay about their hometown. = a piece of work that a student is asked to do
We had to ________ many vocabulary words. = to practice something so that you remember it perfectly
The teacher was very _________. = has many rules and watches you carefully
The teacher got angry and _________ at the students. = speak in a loud angry voice.
This homework is ________ next Friday. = must be finished by that time
The __________ for college applications is in November. = the time when something must be finished or turned in
turn in
The students have to ___________ their essays by tomorrow. = give something to the teacher to grade (2 words)
handed out
The teacher ________ some papers to the students. = gives papers/things to all of the students
The _________ was very big and heavy. = a book students study with for school
He always _________ for tests the night before. = try to study and remember right before a test
He ________ the test last week. = didn't pass
At IEC, students can ________ a class if they have 70% or more. = get a grade that is good enough
office hours
In college, students go to __________ to ask their professor questions. = a time when students can get help from their teacher
The teacher handed out the ________ on the first day of class. = a paper that talks about what students will learn and do in a class.
He did _________ work. = a C grade that means that your work is okay/good enough but not great
drop out
Some students __________ of high school when they are 16. = quit school
What __________ do you like? = things you study in school like math, history, science
All of the students went to the school ________. = a building where people do sports and exercise.
The school has a big _________. = open area to play sports outside
The elementary school has a nice _________. = a place where small children can play
field trip
The students went on a _________ to a museum. = when teachers take students outside the school.
The teacher told students to do __________ at home. = get information about a topic by reading or checking the internet
call on
The teachers __________ students to give answers in class. = when the teacher says the students name to answer a question or speak in class.
He ___________ on his test. = copy answers from a paper or another student
She was ________ the tennis team in high school. = be a member of a team.
He was _______ photography club. = be a member of a club
She did a ___________ on her favorite book. = speak in front of the class about a topic
The ________ rang at 7:10, and we all had to be in our seats. = a piece of electrical equipment that makes a ringing sound, used as a signal or to get someone's attention
My teacher ___________ me to study English in the U.S. = to tell someone to try something that they might like
All the students at the high school wore a __________. = a particular type of clothing worn by all the members of a group or organization
There were a lot of ________ about things like clothing, hairstyle, and make-up at my school. = things that you can or cannot do
He wants to ___________ to UC Berkeley. = give your information so that you can try to enter a school or get a job

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