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  1. carbon-oxygen cycle
  2. traditional culture
  3. ecotourism
  4. literacy rate
  5. indigenous
  1. a process by which carbon and oxygen cycle among plants, people and animals and the environment
  2. b travel to a natural habitat in a way that does not damage the habitat
  3. c customs and ways of life handed down by ancestors
  4. d The percentage of a country's people who can read and write.
  5. e natives to a particular area who have been dominated by others who came later

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  1. the study of people and culture, past or present
  2. Lovett's Siempre Verde is located here
  3. the material well-being of an individual, group, or nation measured by how well their necessities and luxuries are satisfied
  4. the ground level of the rainforest
  5. Mayan civilization timeline dates

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  1. clear cutthe dense mass of leaves and branches that form the top layer of the rain forest


  2. CubaHuman Development Index


  3. Atacama Desertone of the world's driest places


  4. 1325 - 1519 C.E.Incan empire timeline dates


  5. adaptationa change in a way of life to suit new conditions


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