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persuade (verb)
to make someone do or believe something
consistent (adjective)
to do something all the time; on a regular basis
recently (adverb)
In the past, but not long ago
resolution (noun)
an end to a situation
result (noun)
an outcome or end
result (verb)
to happen because of something else
hostile (adjective)
encounter (verb)
to unexpectedly meet with something difficult or hostile
encounter (noun)
an unexpected casual meeting
ordinary (adjective)
no special qualities
genre (noun)
a category of the arts, such as music or literature
cease (verb)
to bring or come to an end
homonym (noun)
words that are spelled the same but mean something different
reference (noun)
the act of mentioning something
reference (noun)
a source of information in order to learn something
accomplish (verb)
complete successfully
immigrate (verb)
to move into a country you were not born in for good
transition (noun)
a change or movement from one position or subject to another
transition (verb)
changing or shifting from one position or subject to another
perspective (noun)
how a person sees something (point of view); an opinion about something
summarize (verb)
to give a brief overview with the main idea and key details
argument (noun)
a statement backed by evidence
illegible (adjective)
not clear enough to be read
additionally (adverb)
also or in addition to
dominate (verb)
To have control over
heroic (adjective)
Very brave
opposed (verb)
To disapprove and try to block by argument
complement (verb)
To add to something for enhancement or perfection
scarce (adjective)
Not enough to meet the demand or need (especially food or money)
expand (verb)
to become or make larger or more extensive
debate (verb)
argue about a subject, especially in a formal manner.
claim (verb)
to say something is a certain way, typically without evidence
procedure (noun)
an official way of doing something
Available (adjective)
able to be used or obtained; at someone's disposal
Eliminate (verb)
completely remove or get rid of (something)
the fact of being who or what a person or thing is
to organize or arrange for effectiveness
not recognized or strange
to build or create

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