18 terms

Lesson 14

an instrument used to mediate auscultation, made up of two earpieces connected by flexible tubing to a diaphragm. It is generally used to evaluate heart, lung, abdominal and vascular sounds.
ultrasonic stethoscope that amplifies sounds. It is used to evaluate blood flow when the use of a conventional stethoscope is difficult.
a stethoscope used to evaluate fetal heart tones through the mothers abdomen.
a system of lenses and mirrors that enable visualization of the interior structure of the eye. A light source provides illumination.
Snellen visual acuity chart:
an alphabet chart used for distance vision screening examination.
tool providing illumination of the external auditory canal and tympanic membrane.
instrument used to assess compliance (mobility) of the middle ear. A tympanogram is a graphic representation of the change in compliance of the middle ear system.
Nasal speculum:
used along with a penlight to visualize the lower and middle turbinates of the nose.
Tuning fork:
used in auditory evaluation and as part of neurologic examination, vibrations are created that produce a particular frequency of sound waves.
Reflex hammer:
percussion hammer used to evaluate deep tendon reflexes.
Tape measure:
an instrument used to determine circumference, length and diameter of an object.
a narrow beam of a strong light source is directed toward a body cavity to assist in differentiation between solid versus cystic or fluid filled parts.
Vaginal speculum:
an instrument consisting of two blades and a handle which is used to view the vaginal canal.
instrument used to determine the degree of joint flexion and extension.
Wood's lamp:
a black light that causes certain substances to fluoresce when exposed to its light.
designed to measure the skin fold thickness of certain points of the body to evaluate the thickness of subcutaneous tissue.
device designed to test for loss of protective sensation particularly on the sole of the foot. Used commonly in the detection of peripheral neuropathy in conditions such as diabetes.